Perfect Foods and Beverages for Your Sign

By Nataly Porter Sep 15, 2021
Just follow the advice from the stars and choose the drinks and dishes that suit your Zodiac sign best!
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There is an easy-to-remember rule – a person can survive 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. However, stars say you shouldn’t deprive yourself of the pleasure of eating the most delectable dishes every day!

Find out what foods and beverages suit every sign best!

What to cook for dinner to make yourself and your family members happy? Read on and learn now! 


Aries natives belong to the fiercest sign of the Zodiac, and this fact can’t but tell on their perfect drink. If you’re thinking about a beverage for an Aries person, opt for a shot of vodka or tequila – it’s enough to help him or her relax and feel less nervous. As for foods, it’s better to select the ones that correspond to the energy of Aries ruling planet (Mars) and element (Fire) – aggressive and bright.

When choosing your best nurturing food, it’s better to settle on grilling meals made of lamb, mutton, or goat. The fruits for your sign include grapefruit and watermelon, your ideal veggies are carrots, onions, and radishes, and the herbs and spices that suit Aries best are basil, cardamom, cinnamon, and peppermint. 

Foods and drinks for Aries


Despite the fact Taurus people love chocolate-based dishes, many of them don’t want to waste this precious ingredient preferring to drink something more trivial – like good beer, for example. When it comes to food, Taureans love meals with such irreplaceable ingredients as creams and sauces. Besides, you will like it if your meal includes meat, potatoes, rice, or beans.

The tastiest fruits Taurus representatives will surely enjoy are apples, bananas, cherries, pears, and peaches. Among vegetables, choose tomatoes, peas, and spinach. The best grains for your sign include barley, rye, and wheat while the best spices and herbs are cloves, black pepper, curry, and parsley. Add these ingredients to your dishes to make sure your diet is healthy and nutritious!

Foods and drinks for Taurus


It’s not so important for Gemini people what to drink; the contents of the good conversation and the company they find themselves in are much more significant factors for them. However, to please Gemini reps it’s enough to offer them a glass of martini and talk to them about politics or weather.

Your multifaceted nature makes you a true gourmand, and your guests are always satisfied and pleased with the uncommon dishes you serve. When choosing the perfect fruits for your meals, opt for apricots and pomegranates. The best veggies include broccoli, cauliflowers, and celery, while the ideal nuts for Gemini representatives are almonds, Brazil nuts, and pecans. Don’t forget to spice up your delicacies with cardamom, licorice, or nutmeg.

Foods and drinks for Gemini


Cancerians are known for their love of tradition, that’s why when choosing the perfect drink they give preference to something tried-and-true like good whiskey. A bottle of Jack Daniels is sure to please your Cancer friend! As to your perfect foods, your ruling sign and the fact it’s a Water element predetermine the choice – you can’t but love seafood, especially crab.

Choosing between a soup and a hearty stew you’ll definitely opt for the latter. Turn your dishes into irresistible delicacies adding grapes, coconuts, lemons, and papayas to them. Your ideal veggies include cabbage, cucumbers, potatoes, and turnips. Add more flavor to your food with the help of anise, chili pepper, coriander, cloves, and sage.

Foods and drinks for Cancer


Leo people want more royalty in their life, and it’s true about the drinks they choose, too. Chivas Regal or Hennessy will surely satisfy their needs and will become a good gift for people of this sign, too. When it comes to food, the sky's the limit for you, because for Leo natives food is, above all, a source of creativity and energy.

Your ruling planet is the Sun, which means you love spicy foods including wild game, spicy chicken, or curried beef. Choosing fruits for your dessert opt for limes, oranges, or pineapples; the best vegetables for your dinner are olives and squash. Rice can be used for an ideal side dish while ginger, horseradish, nutmeg, and cumin will make your meals more savory.

Foods and drinks for Leo


Virgos tend to worry about their health a lot, that’s why they prefer to check the ingredients of everything they eat or drink beforehand. It’s the reason why in most cases they opt for the tried-and-true beverages like Coca Cola – tasty, alcohol-free, and one-size-fits-all. When it comes to cooking, almost the same principle works here – you like to organize the cooking process checking if everything is alright. 

You care a lot about your health, and you may even decide to be a vegetarian. When choosing the best fruits for your dessert, think of apricots and pomegranates; the healthiest veggies for Virgo reps include broccoli, celery, and cauliflower. Add almonds, Brazil nuts, and pistachios to your meals and spice them up with cardamom, citron, rosemary, and saffron.

Foods and drinks for Virgo


It’s extremely hard for Libra natives to decide what they really want, and the same can be said about their choice of beverages. Coffee would probably be the best variant – if you can’t decide what types of the drink to choose, take a couple of them at once! If you want to pair your coffee with food, think of fruit tarts – they’re low-calorie, healthful, and have a dash of delectable flavor.

Besides, you like dishes made with just a few simple ingredients. The presentation is an important part of your perfect dinner, too, and your guests are always pleased with the parties you organize. The meals that you choose should contain healthy vegetables like peas, spinach, and tomato, and mouth-watering fruits like bananas, cherries, peaches, and blackberries.

Foods and drinks for Libra


Despite the fact this sign is frequently considered one of the darkest Zodiac representatives, it’s, in fact, not so gloomy as it may seem. Scorpios like wine and seafood, so the perfect dinner for the people born under the sign should consist of good quality oysters, horseradish, and a bottle of delicious white wine.

Your ideal food should possess a definite flavor and have a definite origin like Spain, Mexico, or your family. Your ruling planet is Mars, which means you’re strong and not afraid of exotic dishes. However, traditional ingredients like watermelon, carrots, shallots, chili pepper or vanilla can be included into your everyday diet as well.

Foods and drinks for Scorpio


You love to travel and taste different foods and beverages, that’s why an exotic liquor made of mangos or coconuts is probably your best choice. However, when staying at home you prefer more traditional beverages like champagne with classic deviled eggs – a simple and tried-and-true combination.

When cooking, you like to mix things and invent something new, so you seldom follow the recipe preferring to come with new fresh ideas. You also love to use exotic flavors from all over the world in your dishes and often collect original recipes in your own cookbook. The best fruits for your sign are figs and mangos, the best veggies are kale, artichokes, and Brussels sprouts. 

Foods and drinks for Sagittarius


Capricorn natives would never drink alcoholic beverages in the middle of the day, but not because they don’t want it – in most cases, they just believe it’s absolutely improper. That’s why it’s easier and more pleasant for you to rely on green tea in this respect – it’s tasty and easily quenches your thirst.

You like cantaloupe and honeydew melons and frequently choose them for your desserts. Your guests love your house and your dinner parties not only because of the dishes you serve but also because you’re able to support any conversation. Make sure you’ll surprise your visitors with the dishes you’ll cook using zucchini, eggplant, beets, anise, basil, and vanilla.

Foods and drinks for Capricorn


Aquarians often go from one extreme to another, and it concerns what they drink and the way they drink, too. When they think they can relax, they prefer a glass or two of margarita – a good option for those who love cool and tasty beverages. In other circumstances, they prefer to stay away from drinking alcohol.

Your ruling element is Air and it predetermines your choice of foods that should be light and airy, too. You’d better avoid dishes that include a heavy sauce preferring something easily consumed like a vegetarian sandwich. Among fruits, you’d probably choose cantaloupe and quinces, while your best vegetables are beets and eggplant.

Foods and drinks for Aquarius


Belonging to Pisces sign, you probably “drink like a fish” and need a constant supply of liquid. In fact, any beverage will suit you, from beer to tea, but of course, it’s preferable to opt for something non-alcoholic like orange juice. It will also save you from suffering from a hangover later!

Your approach to cooking dishes is always gentle and full of fantasy; besides, you do it with great skill. It’s no wonder that seafood is your best choice, as your ruling element is Water. Your ruling planet is Jupiter – a planet of exotic nature –, which means you may try a crawfish boil to satisfy it. Add more figs, mangos, artichokes, and kale to your everyday diet to make it a bit healthier.

Foods and drinks for Pisces
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