Native American Zodiac: What Animal are You?

By Tassie Zingaro Sep 27, 2021
Native Americans use animal symbols instead of zodiac signs. Which animal is your symbol and soulmate by birth?
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Native Americans believe that a person born at a specific time is endowed with the characteristics of a specific animal. There are 12 animals, and each of them is associated with a specific time of the year.

What animal is your Native American symbol?

The time periods this symbolic birth chart is based upon coincide with the signs of the zodiac. Find out which animal is your soulmate and learn what aspects of your personality it shaped.


Falcon is a leader by birth, a role model, an unbiased judge of every puzzling life situation. Falcons know how to manage time; they never drag it out, but rather jump on every opportunity they see with their sharp eyes. Ambitious and determined, Falcon can make an excellent team player, be it work or sports. At times Falcons can be self-righteous, but since their experience contains numerous examples of their choices and decisions being perfectly right, this arrogance is quite understandable and even forgivable. When raised in a positive environment, Falcons will remain sympathetic and passionate in their relationship, but when cast adrift, they can become illiberal, hypersensitive, peacocky, or even rude.

Native American Zodiac Falcon


Beaver is a great strategic thinker, with a mind as sharp as a razor. His/her clever ideas always help to ensure outstanding efficiency, especially in the business field and in the military. Beavers know a way to achieve everything; unfortunately, they are not easily adaptable, which can harm them in situations when their plan turns out to be not the best option. Beavers tend to be right, but they also need to practice a little tact and learn to admit they are wrong when it really is the case.  When raised in a positive environment, Beavers are sympathetic, reliable, eager to help and to share. Unfortunately, when cast adrift, they can become conceited, greedy, panicky, over-demanding or even gutless. 

Native American Zodiac Beaver


Deer is the most inspiring of all the signs of the Native American zodiac. His/her wit is incredibly quick, his/her jokes are hilarious, though sometimes bitter, but never amiss. A Deer’s social skills are outstanding; he/she can engage in any conversation imaginable and inborn intelligence always helps Deer be an effective part of it. The Deer knows exactly what impression he/she produces on others and can at times be a little narcissistic due to this fact. However, this self-admiration is forgivable, for Deer is mostly congenial, lively and lovely. When raised in a positive environment, Deer become radiant personalities, affable and inspiring. But when cast adrift, they can turn moody, idle, irritable, or even double-faced.

Native American Zodiac Deer


Woodpecker is the nurturer of the Native American zodiac. He/she is an empathic companion, an understanding listener, a supportive force that turns up exactly when you need it. Woodpeckers have excellent inborn parenting skills; they know what it takes to be a loyal friend and partner. Inventive and well-organized, Woodpeckers can be very effective workers. When raised in a positive environment, Woodpeckers learn to take care of others, to be lavish with love and attention. Unfortunately, when cast adrift, they can turn embittered, envious and jealous, selfish, or even vindictive. 

Native American Zodiac Woodpecker


Salmon has this spark of creativity that is able to make the Earth spin. His/her energy fuels lots of events unraveling around; his/her ability to keep focused, as well as his/her enthusiastic approach and confidence make Salmon a natural leader, extremely persuasive and inspiring. Salmon needs a goal to pursue, and he/she will easily find those who will eagerly join in. Salmons are generous souls, clever and insightful; this is why everyone wants to be their friend. When raised in a positive environment, Salmons become calm, understanding, generous and reliable. Unfortunately, when cast adrift, they can turn selfish, impatient, illiberal, or even rude. 

Native American Zodiac Salmon


Bear is a pragmatist, very methodical and stable. His/her practical thinking makes the Bear a great and reliable business partner. He/she is the voice of reason, a great counter-balance for the Owl’s influence. Bear’s heart is huge and loving, very generous indeed; however, not everyone can see it due to Bear’s inborn shyness. When raised in a positive environment, Bears become patient teachers and skillful mentors. Unfortunately, when cast adrift, they may turn lazy, narrow-minded, skeptical or even withdrawn. 

Native American Zodiac Bear


Raven is an enthusiast, a natural-born charmer, an engaging personality. Raven’s energy is contagious; his/her ideas and opinions are valued highly by others, which is why Raven is considered as an excellent advice-giver.  Adamant, yet tactful, Ravens are ingenious people. When raised in a positive environment, Ravens become gregarious, romantic, patient and insightful. Unfortunately, when cast adrift, they may turn tough, unpredictable, rude, or even vengeful.

Native American Zodiac Raven


Snake is the sign of the Native American zodiac that most shamans are born under. He/she is highly intuitive, mysterious to a point when others become to see him/her as frightening. But Snakes are in fact strong spiritual leaders and powerful healers. Snakes can be surrounded by mystery, no doubt about it, but when raised in a positive environment, they become caring and sensitive, inspiring, supportive and passionate. Unfortunately, when cast adrift, they may turn vicious, ever-depressed or even unstable. 

Native American Zodiac Snake


Owl is an easy-going fellow, unpredictable and adventurous as the wind itself. He/she is a dynamic personality, open to the world, artistic, mentoring, and inspiring. Owls are so versatile that no field of human activity will be a challenge for them. When raised in a positive environment, Owls become great listeners, sensitive and enthusiastic. Unfortunately, when cast adrift, they can turn immoderate, angry, or even spiteful. 

Native American Zodiac Owl


Goose is a persevering go-getter, ambitious and diligent. He/she knows how to set goals and achieve them following an ordered, logical plan. There is no human activity Goose will not succeed in, business and competitive sports being his/her strongest suit. But he/she doesn’t do this to spite off impress others; it’s him/herself that Goose is always competing with.  When raised in a positive environment, Geese become good-humored, supportive, sociable, sensitive and passionate personalities. Unfortunately, when cast adrift, they may get obsessed or addicted to something, which, in the end, will be a destructive influence for them. 

Native American Zodiac Goose


Otter is an unconventional fellow, an animal that is not easily associated with certain human qualities. One is often advised to be as brave as a lion or as sly as a fox, but have you ever been encouraged to act like an otter? Well, that’s unfortunate, because the Otter’s ways are quite ingenuous and effective. The Otter’s bright mind, resourcefulness and imagination give them a head start in any activity they engage in. Honesty, sympathy, sensitivity and courage are the Otter’s most salient characteristics. Otters make loyal friends and attentive listeners, but when cast adrift, they can turn impudent, unscrupulous, rebellious or withdrawn.    

Native American Zodiac Otter


Wolf is the most passionate of all Native American signs. His/her emotions run deep and wild. Wolves can truly love, speaking both physically and philosophically. Independent as they may appear, wolves actually need to lavish someone with love, care and compassion. Raised in a positive environment, a Wolf becomes a generous soul, very capable of loving and being loved. Unfortunately, when cast adrift, wolves may turn unreasonable, stubborn, vengeful, or even neurotic.

Native American Zodiac Wolf
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