Moon Sign Compatibility Horoscope

By Tassie Zingaro Jun 21, 2021
Choose your perfect partner based on Moon signs!
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The best way to build a lasting relationship is to find the person who matches your personality best. Pick your Moon Sign and find who your soulmate is!

Choose the best match for your Moon Sign

So, who will make you happy? Read what you’ve never known about the compatibility of Moon Signs and learn how to find a partner!


People born under the Moon in Aries are adventurous spirits, which fills a relationship with lots of pleasant surprises. Sometimes it may resemble a wild, unpredictable ride, but at the end of the day even the Rams calm down and enjoy quiet moments.

Your primary quality is self-confidence and you're not easily swayed by someone's opinion. Your soul mates are dynamic and outgoing people, so your best bet when looking for a partner is to find another Aries, or an equally energetic Leo or Sagittarius.

Moon sign compatibility for Aries


Those born under the Moon in the sign of Taurus are very strong emotionally, which also implies that you can show a great deal of obstinacy, especially in relationships. Don't pursue absolute beauty in your partner: they may not have impeccable looks, but they compensate for this with their personality.

Your ideal match is a person with an outlook and manners suiting your own, so choosing another Taurus makes perfect sense to you. If this isn't an option, consider analytical Virgo, who can see your true inner self, or Capricorn, who shares your love of organization.

Moon sign compatibility for Taurus


Being born under the Moon in Gemini explains why you've got your carefree attitude and tend to flirt rather than pursue stable relationships. You struggle with picking a particular partner, and continue your never-ceasing quest of finding your soul mate.

Your partner cannot be a down-to-earth realist; instead, you can expect to find your true happiness only with someone who can empathize with your rebellious spirit. Gemini or adventurous Aquarius would be a great match, as well as compassionate Libra.

Moon sign compatibility for Gemini


The Moon in the sign of Cancer granted you a remarkable emotional sensitivity and a deep knowledge of other people's souls. You always know what is haunting or bothering others or what would please them, so it's difficult to find a better partner than you.

Cancer is a perfect match for you, but don't discard other signs with strong emotional personalities. Pisces is great at detecting and calming worries, and Scorpio actually feels for their loved ones despite their seemingly indifferent attitude.

Moon sign compatibility for Cancer


Leo Moons always pursue what they desire no matter what difficulties stand in their way. This quality is most useful when you're in search of your true soul mate. You won't miss any opportunity to find a human being who's best at understanding your passionate nature.

Failures don't bother you, so you never cease trying, which guarantees you eventual success. Your best chances lie with action-loving, restless signs like Aries, Sagittarius, or your own. Together you would be a great couple capable of moving mountains.

Moon sign compatibility for Leo


People born when the Moon was in Virgo tend to be more reluctant at demonstrating their emotions. Some may misinterpret this as a lack of the emotional side in you, which is totally untrue. You prefer to analyze things rather than mindlessly following the whims of your heart.

Your best quality is your incredible loyalty to the person who returned your love. Sense of realism and practicality are two traits you are most likely to find in your soul mate, so another Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn would be an excellent pick.

Moon sign compatibility for Virgo


Libra Moons are prone to idealism that is the main reason behind Libra's striving for an impossibly flawless partner. This isn't that bad given that you have enough reasonability to overlook insubstantial downsides in your partner's personality.

You may be quite indecisive, so you will most probably find your soulmate in a person who will be able to support and counter-balance you. Open-minded, non-conformist signs are the best candidates for this role, so you should definitely try your luck with Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius.

Moon sign compatibility for Libra


Lunar Scorpio is deeply emotional, which entails some not particularly pleasant traits like jealousy and short temper; but it also makes them uniquely loyal and passionate towards their loved one. A relationship with Scorpio is always strong on emotions.

Your soul mate must possess the same emotional capacity as you to truly appreciate the gift of your burning passion. Scorpio is the most natural choice, but so is Cancer or Pisces - both of them possess types of personalities tailored exactly for you.

Moon sign compatibility for Scorpio


Sagittarius Moons are never-stopping pursuers of genuine love, which stems from their innate optimism. Your search for a soul mate is facilitated by a whole pack of good personal traits you're in possession of, like honesty and friendliness.

Among the best picks for the role of your partner is definitely another Sagittarius, self-reliant and determined Leo, or unpredictable and adrenaline-fueled Aries. Whoever your soulmate is, they will always appreciate if you stay true to yourself.

Moon sign compatibility for Sagittarius


People under the sign of Moon Capricorn value discipline and orderliness above anything else, and quite often they carry over these inclinations into their relationships. It doesn't mean you necessarily try to put your partner under control; you just don't appreciate surprises and revelations.

You feel a strong need for a sensitive and appreciative soul mate, but a more reasonable and realistic partner would be a more suitable choice. Taurus, Virgo, or a fellow Capricorn can truly understand your somewhat conflicted nature and reach out to you to calm your worries.

Moon sign compatibility for Capricorn


Lunar Aquarius is a sign that gives most value to the intellectual pursuits and maintaining their own independence. You have an exceptionally keen comprehension of other people's souls and you can see through the artificial barriers they erect around themselves.

Despite being a bit of a dreamer, you're always down-to-earth when a prospect of finding your love becomes real. Extroverted and open signs are your best picks, so pay attention to people under the signs of Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra when they enter your life.

Moon sign compatibility for Aquarius


People born under the Moon in Pisces value trust and reciprocity in their relationships, and they find it impossible to connect to a person who likes keeping secrets or conceals feelings. It's not like you're likely to suspect your loved one; it rather means you're for honesty in your relationship.

You may take others' opinions and judgments too personally, which is perfectly normal for someone as dependable as you. The best way to offset your vulnerability to what people say or think is to find a compassionate and sensitive Cancer, Scorpio, or another Pisces. These signs can make a perfect soul mate of yours.

Moon sign compatibility for Pisces
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