How to Break Free from a Toxic Relationship with Tarot

By Tassie Zingaro Apr 26, 2023
Feeling stuck in a toxic relationship? Find out how you can use the Tarot to help you pluck up your courage to quit, find a healthy way out, and thrive!
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Oftentimes, people get stuck in situations that are more than just unpleasant. It can be a nasty dynamic at work, a toxic relationship with a romantic partner that borders on addiction, or unhealthy developments in their family. The most apparent solution to their problem would be to just quit. However, it's not always easy to do—due to numerous reasons. People may feel guilty, or scared, or unable to give up on the person they love. Or, ridiculously, they may think this sort of living is their fate. People hesitate, feeling helpless and indecisive, and all the while, the precious days of their lives keep slipping away from them. 

But even if they finally pluck up enough courage to leave the toxic relationship, their newly acquired happiness can be ridden with mixed feelings. They can start thinking about the repercussions of their decision. What if their partner improves (or vice versa, goes down) when they leave? What if they leave and then won't be able to live on their own? What if they proved to the boss they deserved better treatment? What if they persuaded Mom to stop nosing around in their affairs? Of course, there are intuitive advisors who can give gentle guidance, but what if you could deal with it on your own?

Turns out, living in the "what if" mindset is a worse trap than the toxic relationship itself. It's a delusion that prevents people from progressing and starting a happier existence. Fortunately, there are simple ways to deal with all those what-ifs—ask a psychic expert and spread the Tarot.

By spreading the cards and paying attention to the insights they provide, you can break free from the what-if mode and get meaningful answers to specific questions. These answers can offer the reasons and arguments you might have needed to gracefully and bravely make a life-changing decision that will help you break free of that so-called fate.

Breaking Free from a Toxic Relationship with a Tarot Spread

Slow down a bit and give yourself a moment to consider the situation you are in. Maybe even take a sheet of paper and jot down the questions that come to your mind when you ponder it over. These questions can reflect anything you think, feel, or fear—but remember: no what-ifs! And then, toss your Tarot deck and pull, card by card, the answer to each of your questions.

See a sample Tarot spread that can help prepare one to end a toxic relationship
Image Source: Fortune Horoscope via Midjourney

Questions for a Tarot Spread about Leaving a Toxic Relationship

If you find it challenging to put all those worries and doubts into words, here's some brainstorming for you. Choose any questions that suit your situation, and let the Tarot help you find the answers.

  1. Why am I still in this toxic relationship?
  2. What valuable lessons can I learn from staying in it?
  3. How will I benefit from staying in this relationship? 
  4. How can I ensure my needs are met and I am respected if I decide to stay? 
  5. How will quitting this relationship help me? 
  6. What is the least painful/most efficient way to quit for me?
  7. What lesson will I learn from quitting?

And just in case you're still at a loss where to start, here's an example of what your Tarot spread might look like. Please note: if you read this and still have doubts, consider asking a gentle psychic to give you a personal reading first.

Using the Tarot to Consider a Toxic Relationship: a Sample Spread

Let's take a very painful toxic relationship, e.g., a friendship where one friend betrayed the other's trust. The wronged friend is trying to put this behind them, but in their heart, they know this will never happen. Their friendship could never be a safe haven again, mainly because it is simultaneously becoming evident that the traitor will not change their behavior. There's obviously no fate involved here; it's a simple case of disrespect and taking friendship for granted. 

And yet, one of the most frequent reactions to this situation is to keep the relationship. Because it's been there for so long, because people change and improve, because others might think the wronged friend is also a traitor, etc. So many what-ifs! But if you address all of them to the Tarot, the spread will open your eyes. 

We drew the cards using the questions listed above and this imaginary toxic relationship (we are the wronged party here). Here's what we ended up with.

Btw, you can do the same here! A skilled Tarot reader will draw the cards for you and give thoughtful interpretations.

Why am I still in this toxic relationship?

We pulled the Strength card in the upright position. This card represents power and readiness to face problems. It may mean that we feel we can help our traitorous friend evolve. But, of course, being ready to help them only means we claim responsibility for their wrongdoings.

What useful things can I learn from staying in it?

King of Wands upright: this card represents pride, courage, leadership, and influence. It's about knowing how to lead the way, grow as a person, and walk away with pride rather than waste time trying to fix the other person.

King of Wands stands for pride and courage
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How will I benefit from staying in this relationship? How can I ensure my needs are met and I am respected if I decide to stay? 

Eight of Swords reversed: this card speaks to liberty, openness, and figuring out how to eliminate all problems. We are moving past the anxiety and self-sabotaging behavior and letting the situation go.

How will quitting this relationship help me? 

Seven of Cups in the upright position: this card presages change and the ability to control fate. So, it's time to take matters into our own hands and sever all ties.

What is the least painful/most efficient way to quit for me?

Five of Pentacles in the reversed position: this card is a sign that all the toxic negativity we've been holding on to will soon be released. We're going through a tough time but are almost ready to move on.

What lesson will I learn from quitting?

Nine of Wands upright: this card recognizes the struggles we have gone through and the exhaustion we're feeling. Trusting ourselves will bring us closer to our ultimate goal. 

As you can see, almost all cards in this reading point to the necessity of establishing some boundaries. We might want to give our friend a helping hand, but it's better and healthier for us to channel this energy into improving our well-being. 

So, whenever you're plagued with doubts, remember about Tarot. Look at the cards through the lens of your toxic relationship situation. Eventually, by interpreting the Tarot cards and giving the situation much thought, you will find peace of mind. And please, never hesitate to ask a gentle psychic expert for help if you feel you need it. There are hundreds of gentle, intuitive advisors who are ready and willing to assist you in dealing with toxic relationships—or any other hardship.