How Do Zodiac Signs Change with Age?

By Nataly Porter Sep 27, 2021
Discover how your personality will transform as you grow older and how you can stay happy at any age!
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People born under a certain sign have some qualities more developed than those of people belonging to other signs. But people change, their characters change, and their paths to happiness change, too. 

Happiness in Maturity

Time and experience change your outlook on life. Learn to benefit from it with our life-long happiness tips for every sign! 


A highly energetic sign, Aries always readily takes the initiative and starts new enterprises. Your entire life pushes you to act, and you can’t confront your ambitions. Being your major strength, this quality is your major weakness, too. Although you may live in this way for all your life, in the course of time such an attitude predetermined by your ruling planet Mars begins to fail you. You start feeling the urge for communication and sociability, and the best way out here is to change your general attitude.  Be more open, take into account the needs and desires of others, and you’ll never end up with nothing!

How Happiness Changes with Age for Aries


Taurus people are full of fruitful ideas and inventiveness. Although this sign may seem a bit conservative it just means that a representative of the sign needs some impulse of another leader. In this case a Taurus will find a new stimulus and a new power for new accomplishments. When such people become middle-aged their inability to build strong and friendly relationships may turn out badly for them.  You may start feeling empty and lost in case you don’t learn to communicate with others. But in case you do, the feeling of happiness and satisfaction will stay with you forever. 

How Happiness Changes with Age for Taurus


Gemini people tend to explore, learn, and experience as much as possible. It’s a real pleasure for them to invent new categories and formulas, to gain new memories, and to draw new links between the things that are already known. Another notable feature of Gemini is that although they need close people they little care in fact who these close ones are – people may come and go, and a Gemini person easily forgets those who’ve left and finds the ones who would replace them. In later years this person eagerly empties herself or herself of both the knowledge and the memories collected over the course of life. Starting to teach and to pass your skills to others is the way to your personal happiness.

How Happiness Changes with Age for Gemini


Cancer appreciates home and family more than anything else. But this attitude can turn out not the only right one, because feeling too attracted to his or her own family Cancer may find it hard to become a part of a bigger family – our society. When you’re young this family focus may be ok, but as you get older you’ll have to establish relations with other groups that may be not less important than our closest communities. Try to become less egocentric and you’ll see that the world around you is a much wider place than you think!

How Happiness Changes with Age for Cancer


For a typical Leo the world around is a stage, and he or she is the leading actor responsible for all the speeches and gestures. His performance should not necessarily be a dialogue; it may sound as a soliloquy for the people around him.  When you're young, this attitude may work well enough but as you get older it looks as if you were trying to hide your inner confusion and anxiety. Do your best to learn to cooperate with other people and not suppress them. Tame your pride and you’ll delay your emotional maturity!

How Happiness Changes with Age for Leo


A Virgo person in most cases faces a hard choice – he or she is to choose between discipline and crises, and this choice predetermines both the sign’s present and future. If the person prefers discipline problems on his or her path are avoidable. But due to some reasons like a critical situation in the past or poor health a Virgo can seek catharsis crystallizing his or her fastidious life approach. With age the situation can get worse and scare the people you hold dear. To avoid this try to achieve a collective catharsis and in such a way experience a uniting feeling of participation.  

How Happiness Changes with Age for Virgo


Libra people can tend toward formalism, and the older they get the more strongly pronounced this tendency is. A Libra person relies upon the community a lot, and to overcome it he or she is to develop a very high level of creativity. Strive for individual discoveries and constant transformations, as it will help you easily accept the age-related changes without the sense of breakdown. Try to get rid of the limitations dictated by society, and your happiness will be taken to an absolutely new level.

How Happiness Changes with Age for Libra


Scorpio people are frequently too dependent on their close relationship with others and their bright sexual life, which may cause serious problems and even lead to when they get older. The way out is simple yet effective – learn to live in harmony with yourself and take more interest in the global issues of the universe. Remember that your soul can become a reservoir of cosmic energy and you don’t need any special triggers to be happy. Become the source of inspiration for the young, and experience the ultimate happiness that is inside.

How Happiness Changes with Age for Scorpio


A Sagittarius person often takes and absorbs the universal ideas that come through his or her mind, and therefore accepts many philosophical and religious statements as irrefutable truths. Another problem that Sagittarius may face is his or her strive for constant travel that frequently results in belonging nowhere. The aging Sagittarius may repeat the same laws, life recipes, and seemingly meaningful quotes that prove totally senseless in the end. Learn to live in harmony with your close ones instead of telling long stories about your past – be a good friend and a good neighbor, and attach more value to simple everyday experiences. 

How Happiness Changes with Age for Sagittarius


When still young a Capricorn is usually more attracted to prestige and power that help this person feel stronger inside, but with the course of time these public ambitions fade away and are replaced by simple things that are close at hand. The very ways to happiness and fulfillment change – now you think that it’s much better to lie in a quiet field than to fly at a high speed over it. Make your home a place you want to stay at, even if the notion of home is broader than you used to think. After all, it’s the quality of life that matters most. 

How Happiness Changes with Age for Capricorn


An Aquarian person is eager to be identified with big organizations like a club or social welfare, feeling safer when it’s achieved. But as you grow older it’s essential for you to realize that what you give to these groups of people is actually not your ambitions but yourself. Don’t be a follower – try to become a powerful leader, as this is what you need when you’re not so young any more. Don’t forget that society needs you as a mighty individual and not as a member of some insignificant club or organization. Happiness in maturity can be achieved only if you have something precious inside. 

How Happiness Changes with Age for Aquarius


Extremely open, Pisces people are frequently influenced by various powerful forces – social, national, and religious ones. A Pisces person tends to feel ahead of the times and can consequently lead his nation out of a crisis he or she anticipates well in advance. This means that it’s easier for you to sacrifice yourself than to perform your regular and efficient work daily. You feel like an actor in a life drama, but don’t care too much about your part. Learn to play your role and play it well, and in this way you’ll avoid social crises. Don’t waste your time thinking about starving African children – spend it wisely performing some simple tasks instead, and then when maturity comes you’ll feel calm and happy.

How Happiness Changes with Age for Pisces
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