Horoscope of Happy Children: A Guide for Smart Parents

By Nataly Porter Sep 27, 2021
Help them make their dreams come true!
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Your child is unique and has his or her own preferences, dreams, needs and aspirations. Would you like to help your children realize their full potential and make them happy? 

Get helpful parenting tips to ensure your child’s happiness

The stars know how to help every kid succeed in life! Take these simple tips based on the astrological personality of your offspring into account and find out how to help your kids make smart use of their strengths and weaknesses to ensure their happiness! 


Aries kids are naturally born dreamers, but they’re always ready to act, too. One of the activities they prefer is a role-playing game: they pretend to be brave knights, beautiful princesses, or spaceship commanders. Let your Aries child play such games and draw pictures of his or her favorite characters to see what appeals to your kid more.

Children born under the sign like to be independent, so don’t even try to control these fearless creatures in their actions. New activities are like a breath of fresh air for them, and they want to add as many adventures to their lives as possible. Teach them to be more patient, but don’t break their wings.

Parenting tips for Aries


A Taurus child prefers actions to daydreaming, so these kids prefer to express themselves through practical crafts like carving toys or making DIY gift boxes that will impress both their mates and their parents. If you want to make your Taurus child happy with your gift, give him or her a set of modeling clay and you’ll soon see a wonderful sculpture made by small hands!

Taurus kids are usually chatty and affectionate, they have a very positive attitude to life. They are never in a hurry and follow the rule “Haste makes waste”. Don’t rush them, because it will only make them more stubborn. Teach your kid how to stay flexible and welcome any sort of changes.

Parenting tips for Taurus


What is the world of a Gemini kid made of? Words, words, and words only! They love to talk, to read, and to write, and very often their own stories are not less bright and imaginations-stirring than the ones they read in their fairy tale books. Sometimes they’ll tend to read more, not even thinking about the quality of the book they’ve chosen, but don’t worry a lot – the time will come and your Gemini kid will understand what’s what.

The most precious gift they possess is their oratorical skill. They’re able to discuss every single thing in their world exploring it in their own unique way. Try to slow your kid down a bit and find enough time to improve the skills he or she possesses. 

Parenting tips for Gemini


Cancer kids are unbelievably creative, and they love to spend time decorating their apartment, rearranging furniture in their room, and cooking something that is both delicious and good-looking. They can also be interested in designing clothes for their doll, parents, and themselves or choosing wallpapers for the kitchen. 

Cancer people, and Cancer children, in particular, are the well-known Zodiac home-birds. They love to spend time at home alone occupied with the activities that can be performed by one person like painting, reading, or modeling something. Encourage them to spend more time outdoors and do enough exercise not to become couch potatoes.

Parenting tips for Cancer


Leo kids are the creators and performers of the Zodiac. They’d equally like to write fantastic stories, paint surrealistic pictures and play the leading role in mini-theatres both at home and at school. Make sure you help your Leo child prepare a catching script and invite as many friends as possible to support him or her. The more unusual the kid’s role will be the better!

Just as Leo adults, Leo children love to stay in the center of everybody’s attention. Your main task will be to teach a child born under the sign to pay more attention to others and not to concentrate on their own persona only. Encourage them to take a seat in the audience from time to time, too!

Parenting tips for Leo


Virgo kids are usually not very active and it’s hard to recall them from reading a book, especially if it’s about their favorite animals. They’re seldom occupied with artistic activity and you’ll have to do your best to prove to them how engaging it can be. Kids born under the sign are fond of gardening, too – jump at the chance to take them to the yard and let them express their creativity.

These guys like to work and enjoy spending time doing some school assignments or craft projects. They’re usually extremely talented at writing and are true perfectionists when it comes to focused activities. Your task as a parent is to teach them to look at their mistakes as new opportunities but not failures.

Parenting tips for Virgo


Libra kids are fond of beautiful things and are very good at producing them, but you should constantly encourage them during the process. They’re good orators and, as a rule, can write well, too. They’d spend hours thinking over the design of a lovely dress for their doll or stunning interior for their room. 

Libra children are typically very charming and like to spend time in their friends’ company.  When you help them to get ready for school you probably notice that they frequently choose their outfits by themselves and are very good at it. But, on the other hand, they’d appreciate your opinion, so don’t be afraid of telling them what you really think.

Parenting tips for Libra


Scorpio kids are eager to express themselves in all possible ways but don’t know what to start with. To help your child with this uneasy task give him or her a box of paints that contain darker shades as well, as it will help the kid communicate with others using imagination.

These children are not so easy to deal with, and you should always keep in mind that you must be honest and downright with them. They prefer to get to the heart of the matter and like challenging tasks that help them boost their mental skills. Invent as many tricky assignments as you can to make sure your Scorpio kid is happy with what he or she is doing.

Parenting tips for Scorpio


Sagittarius kids are always on the move, and their creativity is greater than anyone can imagine. If you cope with the hard task and make them sit still for at least half an hour you’ll see what talented artists they can be. A Sagittarius child would love to imagine faraway places and magnificent old castles, and will eagerly express what he or she sees on paper.

If you’re a proud parent of a Sagittarius child you know how adventurous and bold they are. They enjoy fresh experiences and like to learn something new every day. Don’t let your child turn into smarty pants inculcating in him or her a special questions attitude to everything.

Parenting tips for Sagittarius


Belonging to probably one of the most serious Zodiac signs, Capricorn kids frequently have an “old” soul and behave in a rather serious manner. They are not very good at playing or creating something unique, but they at the same time possess very bright imagination that allows them to put their boldest ideas into practice. Encourage them to paint more or write short stories and go on until their hidden talent is revealed.

These children can act like small adults and are often more skilled and competent than other children of their age are. They never avoid responsibilities and voluntarily and easily manage both projects and people. Your biggest challenge as a parent is to remind them of the fact they’re still kids who need your help and support. Give them more chances to behave in a childish way and be more spontaneous.

Parenting tips for Capricorn


Aquarius kids have a natural talent to write well, and they are usually rather good at painting. It’s not impossible for an Aquarius child to write a short story and then create small funny pics to make it more vivid. Color clashes are the things they love most, so try not to scream out loud when you see your old T-shirt covered with several layers of paint!

Children born under this sign don’t like to listen to others’ advice preferring to behave in the way they want to. They don’t pretend they’re better or worse than they really are, so you may be absolutely sure your Aquarius child is honest with you. If you want to help him or her feel more secure just make sure you introduce enough pleasant routine in the life of your kid.

Parenting tips for Aquarius


Pisces children can be the most creative representatives of the Zodiac, but only when they get enough motivation. Their creativity can be seen in many fields including painting, music, literature, and photography. Encourage them by buying a musical instrument like a violin, a guitar, or even a drum kit so that they can learn to express their emotions via music.

Don’t forget that your Pisces child is kind and gentle, he or she always willingly comes to help if somebody needs it. They’re able to notice things that remain unseen by others. They need to be surrounded by plants and animals to feel good. Teach them to set certain boundaries to avoid being involved in too many problems that do not actually concern them.

Parenting tips for Pisces
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