Health Horoscope: Wellness Ideas for Your Sign

By Nataly Porter Sep 15, 2021
Learn what body part your sign is responsible for and how you can ensure
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Springtime is a magic period when nature wakes up to bring joy to our hearts and bodies. Isn’t it the right time for you to wake up, too? Learn how to boost your health and be ready for all vigorous spring activities!

What body part is your sign responsible for? 

Each zodiac sign is responsible for the health of certain organs and parts of the body. Want to know your weakest points? Read this wellness horoscope and discover the secret of a happy and healthy life!


Does it often happen to you that you bump your head against something and get head injuries? It’s no wonder, as your zodiac sign is the cosmic ruler of head and face. Aries natives should always remember to put on a helmet while riding a bike, skating or simply playing sports.

Another health problem you may face is also connected with your head – headaches are, unfortunately, your frequent companions. In order to avoid them try to hold back from drinking red wine and make sure your diet doesn’t include aged cheese.

Wellness tips for Aries


Two major problems people of your sign usually have to fight against are weight control and neck and throat pains. You love to eat tasty food and very often this food is rather high-calorie, too. Try to find healthier analogues of your favorite products and you’ll see they’re just as delicious (e.g. replace candy with dried fruit).

To keep your throat problems to a minimum make sure you always have throat lozenges in your bag and, needless to say, never even try to smoke! Be especially careful not to drink too cold water to avoid sore throats  or other unpleasant medical conditions.

Wellness tips for Taurus


Your sign is double-faced and is therefore responsible for 4 body parts: lungs, nerves, arms and shoulders. It means that smoking is absolutely and completely forbidden for you! It can have a bad effect on both your lungs and your nervous system.

If you want to prevent nervousness you’d better start with cutting down your coffee consumption and starting such calming practices as yoga, breathing exercises or meditation. To help your arms and shoulders feel better try gentle massage combined with aromatherapy.

Wellness tips for Gemini


The organ your zodiac sign is responsible for is stomach, so it’s no wonder you love to eat and prefer comfort food. It may happen that the meals you eat are sometimes too fatty or sugary, and your task is to learn to replace these harming ingredients with healthy low-fat foods.

Another organ Cancer rules is the breasts, so you shouldn’t forget to get special regular breast examinations. Consuming more greenery can also prevent serious stomach disorders and even breast cancer, so make sure you include enough broccoli and kale into your everyday diet.

Wellness tips for Cancer


The weakest points of your organism and, therefore, the body parts you have to care about most are your heart, back and spine. It means you need to take every action to prevent heart diseases, starting from avoiding fatty products and smoking to having enough rest and not overworking.

A good solution to most of your back problems is buying a good orthopedic mattress that will enable you to sleep like a child and feel renewed every time you wake up. You also have to be careful about heavy objects you have to lift in order not to put your back out.

Wellness tips for Leo


Just like in the case with Cancer, you’re responsible for the stomach and intestines, but in a slightly different way. The thing is you often worry about minor things and it can eventually lead to a digestive disorder. 

You can avoid this unwanted medical condition—you should start with choosing the right food. Make sure you consume enough organic products and stay away from artificial food components. Besides, try to exercise more as this simple activity will help you with both your stomach and your nerves.

Wellness tips for Virgo


There are several organs Libra sign is responsible for: ovaries, kidneys and lower back. You need to care about all of them equally and make sure you keep them in a working order. You’re also to watch the sugar level of your blood and stay away from sweet stuff. It will help you avoid problems with your lower back, too.

Kidneys and bladder are the weak points of your body as well, so in order to fight with them make sure you don’t overeat and don’t drink too much alcohol. Opt for cranberry juice instead—it will protect your kidneys from stones.

Wellness tips for Libra


Scorpio people are known as the sexiest zodiac representatives, so it’s no wonder that this sign is responsible for the health of reproductive organs. Firstly, it means that you have to take care about your reproductive health; secondly, it presupposes that you should be very careful and avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Scorpio men are to learn not to drink too much alcohol, too, as it may consequently affect their sexual health and the state of their reproductive organ. Don’t trifle this aspect of your health and wellbeing to feel great all the time!

Wellness tips for Scorpio


Sagittarius sign rules hips and thighs, and these parts of your body are injury-prone. Be even more careful if you’re a professional runner or horse rider, as people connected with these activities are at the highest risks of getting hurt.

Surprisingly enough, having a desk job can also do harm to your organism, as you can suffer of sciatica pain that is rather widespread among Sagittarius people. If you’re passionate about yummy food you’re to be careful, too, - control your weight and avoid veggies of the Nightshade category including tomatoes, eggplant and potatoes.

Wellness tips for Sagittarius


The weakest parts of your body are your joints and bones, so if you go in for some serious sports like football or basketball you should remember to use some protective clothing or equipment. You must also check if you consume enough calcium in order to avoid osteoporosis.

When choosing the most suitable food think of fruit and veggies like broccoli, edamame or figs. These simple yet powerful ingredients included into your daily meals will prevent the majority of bone-related problems and even serious diseases like hypocalcemia.

Wellness tips for Capricorn


Aquarius is responsible for the circulatory system of the organism and is known as one of the most independent and active zodiac signs. As a result, you may suffer from such problems as varicose veins or atherosclerosis, hypertension or even heart failure. To prevent such serious medical conditions address these issues before they come up.

Aquarians rule ankles, too, so you’d better think twice before choosing high-heeled shoes for a long walk. We’d also recommend you to wear special ankle-supporting boots or sandals to prevent unpleasant consequences. Take care of your legs to float like a butterfly till very old age!

Wellness tips for Aquarius


Pisces is the sign that rules both the immune system and feet, so you have to be especially careful about these two aspects. First, wear special boots and shoes to prevent varicose veins. Secondly, do your best to avoid colds and respiratory problems when it’s possible, and don’t forget about taking a bottle of sanitizer with you.

If all these measures fail to work and you still catch a cold be especially careful not to let it turn into a more dangerous illness. Drink much water and consume garlic in big quantities, as it’s a well-known anti-inflammatory agent. Make sure you spend enough time outdoors and don’t forget to air your apartment.

Wellness tips for Pisces
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