Halloween Costume According to Your Zodiac Sign

By Tassie Zingaro Sep 27, 2021
Dress up by your zodiac personality!
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Your Halloween costume should not also be spooky or impressive, it should match your zodiac personality. Choose the one you like best from the list of dress-up options for your sign.

What is the best Halloween costume for your sign?

Learn how to dress up according to the zodiac and make everyone’s spines tingle this Halloween!


The Rams emanate energy, so the most suitable costume for them will be that of a powerful leader, a warrior or someone working in a risky job. Choose an archetype costume if you don’t want to go into detail, but make sure it has lots of fake blades as accessories (think knives, daggers and swords or scalpels and other sharp alternatives) and build on the idea to create your Halloween look. The best costume ideas for Aries are a gladiator, a cowboy, a soldier, a matador, a pilot, a firefighter, a police officer, a race car driver or any kind of Chief. 

Halloween Costume Ideas for Aries


Inspired by sensitive Venus, the romantic side of Taurean nature calls for a costume that is really pretty. The first thing that pops to mind is obviously the goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite, or any celeb sex symbol. For a spookier look, the Bulls should choose to dress up as a poisonous flower or Mother Nature or witch/wizard, but a really attractive one, without the creepy warts. Another good option is a costume that is very tactile, like a sexy furry animal or caveman/woman. 

Halloween Costume Ideas for Taurus


The Twins of the zodiac need a costume that matches their dual nature. Is there a better time to show off your multiple personality than Halloween? So feel free to realize your boldest ideas! Dress up as half-Batman, half-Joker (on second thought, maybe Joker and Harley Quinn?), or combine any pair of famous opposites in one look: be Tragedy and Comedy, Day and Night, Yin and Yang, Superman and Lex Luthor, Sherlock Holmes and Moriarti, Castor and Pollux, or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. 

Halloween Costume Ideas for Gemini


For male Cancers, the best Halloween costume will no doubt be a werewolf! But female Cancerians have a wider choice of options, all of which will be associated with the Crab's nurturing nature. So, you are free to choose any mother or evil stepmother from a famous fairytale. Think Evil Queen from Snow White and Lady Tremaine from Cinderella, or Scarlett O’Hara, Joan Crawford from Mommy Dearest or Mrs Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. 

Halloween Costume Ideas for Cancer


Zodiac Royalty’s Halloween look should measure up to the level of drama that Leo always strives to reach. So, your choice should be something that stands out and literally blinds everyone around with all its shine sequins and sparkly jewelry. Oh, and don’t forget about a bouffant hairdo! The best choice for female Leos would be a Jessica Rabbit or a Madonna costume, and males can try to dress up as Ru Paul. 

Halloween Costume Ideas for Leo


Male and female Virgos should apply a different approach to choosing their Halloween costume this year. Males can dress up as a famous detective or spy (think Hercule Poirot, Nero Wolfe, Perry Mason, Philip Marlowe or Sam Spade) and ask their date to choose a complementary costume of the detective’s assistant. And female Virgos might want to add an XXX kick to any service-oriented costume and dress up as a sexy doctor, nurse, maid, librarian or seductive secretary. 

Halloween Costume Ideas for Virgo


Your balanced nature calls for a duo costume, where you and your friend or date will make two parts of a spooky whole. Choose to portray the characters from a famous book, like Romeo and Juliet, or a historical couple (say, Caesar and Cleopatra), or even a celebrity couple. Except Brangelina, of course, no luck this time, guys! Opt for a more stable duo like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, or Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. 

Halloween Costume Ideas for Libra


Your birthday falls on Halloween season, so you are free to go hardcore, to reveal your true nature, mysterious and intense, and adorn it with a mask. Or dress up as any of your numerous scary alter-egos: a skeleton, a dark wizard, a vampire, Jack O’Lantern, Jack the Ripper, the Devil of death itself! Female Scorpios can increase the intensity of their look by choosing to impersonate any character that is strongly associated with sex and death: a rebel biker, a black widow or a dominatrix.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Scorpio


A Sagittarian Halloween costume should be inspirational, speaking of a visionary figure, with an emphasis on travel and education. Male Sagittarians can dress up as a Centaur, Guru or Robin Hood, Female Archers can impersonate Amelia Earhart, Alexandra David-Neel, or Lady Godiva (do your best not to ditch the horse idea, and everyone will rave about your look!)

Halloween Costume Ideas for Sagittarius


With their ambition and leadership qualities, Capricorns might want to choose to wear the costume of any authority figure, historical or imaginary. Male Capricorns can look for a US President costume or dress up as Gordon Gekko of Wall Street.  Female Cappis should not fall behind and dress up as Mother Teresa, Queen Elisabeth, Indira Gandhi or Hillary Clinton. 

Halloween Costume Ideas for Capricorn


Don’t even start flipping through traditional Halloween costume ideas! Your unconventional Aquarian nature calls for something truly original. Think Davy Jones or art house movies like Clockwork Orange or the Age of Aquarius, opt for a victim of a psychedelic experiment or any other peculiar image that comes to your mind (no need to worry about that – your creativity is one of your main strengths!)

Halloween Costume Ideas for Aquarius


Pisceans need a Halloween look that will be as mysterious as they are. And by the look we do not only mean the costume itself, but the special effects Pisces will use to make their presence at the party totally unforgettable. Choose to be a wizard or a modern-day magician, and don’t forget about the smoke and mirrors, various illusions and stunts. 

Halloween Costume Ideas for Pisces
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