Great Gifts for All Zodiac Signs

By Tassie Zingaro Sep 27, 2021
Jot gift ideas for every friend and relative based on their sign right this moment!
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There is always a holiday one can look forward to. Unfortunately, most times the anticipation is complicated by shopping for gifts. Stop tucking receipts into the gift box hoping the recipient will get a chance to return the odd item – start customizing gifts to zodiac signs’ preferences!

A dozen gift ideas for every zodiac sign!

No more guessing games! Find your sign and see if you have not included something into your holiday wish list! Or find the signs of your friends and relatives one by one and scribble down gift ideas for everyone!


Practical things will not make Aries jump for joy, nor will the fiery sign be pleased to receive a gift that can’t be enjoyed in an instant. Don’t even look at kitchen gadgets, jigsaw seascapes, or vampire novels in many volumes – they will only try Arian patience. The Ram loves to live on-the-go, to feel instant thrills, to take part in competitions.

Gift ideas for Aries

Gift ideas for Aries: training shoes, a gift certificate to a gym, a dancing or a boxing class, tickets to a loud sports event, sports equipment, a French press and expensive coffee beans, classy sunglasses.


Taurus will be equally happy to get a practical gift and an indulging one, appealing to the senses of taste, smell and touch. Also, Taureans are very down-to-earth people, so they will enjoy a gift related to nature and the element of earth.

Gift ideas for Taurus

Gift ideas for Taurus: expensive perfume, a gift certificate to a restaurant or cooking lessons, a cook book, a pashmina scarf, a massage, facial or mani/pedi gift certificate, a leather bag, silk pillow cases, a blossoming plant, a box of fine chocolates.


Gemini is hungry for curios of all sorts, so you won’t find it difficult to choose a truly Geminian gift. In fact, you’ll be more puzzled by what NOT to give. You can even go for several random items that can be described as small, pretty and fun, and put them in a single gift box – Gemini will be overjoyed to shake it and sort through the newly acquired treasure.

Gift ideas for Gemini

Gift ideas for Gemini: a big set of pencils, crochet hooks and a set of brightly colored yarn balls, a new book or a bookstore gift certificate, a digital communication device, a big bag filled with all sorts of small things from a tea strainer to a whistle.


Cancer will enjoy a sentimental gift or a thing that is related to their family. Give them something meaningful, vintage or handmade, something that will trigger memories and associations. A gift that will give Cancer a feel of homely comfort they adore so much will also be a hit.

Gift ideas for Cancer

Gift ideas for Cancer: a pretty frame with a family picture, homemade bread, a photo album filled with family photos, a set of velvet or silk pillow cases, a décor store or a restaurant gift certificate, a handmade recipe book with some of recipes already handwritten inside, genealogy tracing software.


Passionate Leo always buys generous gifts, so it may at times be hard to find something that will match the boldness and sparkle of the sign. Moreover, Leos have a taste for things that are usually expensive. Their sophisticated sense of style leaves practically no chances. Do not despair – remember that Leos love to be adored and appreciated most of all, and it is not always that expensive.

Gift ideas for Leo

Gift ideas for Leo: a bottle of good old wine; a gift certificate to a photo shoot, an improvisation comedy class, a clothing store, or a spa; a ticket to the opera or theater; exquisite jewelry; an expensive perfume; a designer bag, scarf or watch.


Gift shopping may turn into a real life quest, if you are trying to choose a present for Virgo, but not because the sign is very picky. The reason is their being withdrawn – no one really knows what Virgo wants or likes. Moreover, they can only enjoy a cheap gift, as expensive things make them feel uncomfortable. And still, Virgos have a good taste in many things, they appreciate quality items and their practical value.

Gift ideas for Virgo

Gift ideas for Virgo: a blender or any other kitchen gadget bought at a discount; a budgeting tool; a discount store gift certificate; a gift certificate to a gym; a system of organizers for the wardrobe and drawers; a wellness guide; a book on personal development.


Libras have class. They will love anything you present them with, or pretend very skillfully. But you don’t want to see politeness, you want your gift to please and amaze, so remember about Libra’s love of luxury items and art. Look for everything that can be described as beautiful or that can make life more balanced and harmonious.

Gift ideas for Libra

Gift ideas for Libra: a box of gourmet chocolates; a designer hat or scarf; a bottle of good wine; a gift certificate to a spa, a restaurant or a subscription to a fashion magazine; a sentimental photo in a frame or a locket.


Scorpio will enjoy a gift that can appeal to their intense emotions. They love to explore the areas of life that are hidden from plain sight. Anything connected to mysteries and psychology will be a hit, but you needn’t worry about the gift itself – hide it and give Scorpio clues and they will be happy to set on a real quest!

Gift ideas for Scorpio

Gift ideas for Scorpio: binoculars; massage oil; sexy lingerie; a print of a Gustav Klimt painting in a classy frame; a Tarot deck; a framed photo of a romantic moment; a vampire saga; a horror novel; a book on a study of human psychology; a crime story based on real life events; the Kama Sutra.


Athletic Sagittarians are known for their love of adventure, so think active rest gear or channel your thoughts to anything that can give a thrilling experience. The Archer is also interested in the philosophy of everything and is always eager to learn something new, so you can choose a gift that plays to this peculiarity of their nature.

Gift ideas for Sagittarius

Gift ideas for Sagittarius: a book on traveling with fine photographs; a travel magazine subscription; a philosophy book; quality hiking boots; a ticket to a sports event or to a destination your fellow Sag has never been to; a gift certificate to horseback riding, dancing, cooking or skydiving lessons.


Capricorn has a reputation of a hard worker, and gifts that appeal to them most are items of status or something that can give security. The Goat likes luxury, but doesn’t like to pamper themselves, this is why pampering gifts are right up Capricorn’s alley, as well as anything of obviously high quality.

Gift ideas for Capricorn

Gift ideas for Capricorn: a case of beer from a microbrewery; a leather appointment book or briefcase; a massage gift certificate; a bottle of good wine; a golf club membership; a book on strategizing, networking or any other constituent element of success; a success story book.


Progressive Aquarius has a unique taste that is very hard to play to. The gift they’d like should appeal to their individuality, their alternative preferences or be related to philanthropy. However, any new gadget will do perfectly well for the Water Bearer.

Gift ideas for Aquarius

Gift ideas for Aquarius: a yoga mat; a book on meditation or Zen Buddhism; a mobile device or gadget; a massage or acupuncture gift certificate; a subscription to an astrology magazine; a science fiction novel; a donation to the charity they support.


Pisces are so sweet they will love any gift you present them with because they instantly think that you’ve done your best to please them and the fact itself brings them a lot of joy. Get in the sentimental mindset, remember about the Fish’s love of everything artful and mysterious and choose. But remember also that Pisces will like any heartfelt present, no matter if it is large and expensive or small and handmade.

Gift ideas for Pisces

Gift ideas for Pisces: a goldfish or any other pet; a handmade scarf; a dream book, jewelry with turquoise; a framed photo of a memorable moment; a book of romantic poetry or myths; a museum membership; perfumed bubble bath.

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