Giving and Accepting Compliments by Zodiac Sign

Choose the right words for every sign!
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Compliments and simple words of affection seem to be a fail-proof way to express your feelings, but there is much more to that depending on the Zodiac sign. 

Compliment tips based on the Zodiac

Find out how you behave when you hear words of appreciation and how to show your devotion in a variety of ways based on different zodiac signs!


Uplifting compliments for Aries

The love of freedom and adventures makes Aries notoriously impulsive and somewhat unruly, even though they love to exert power on others. Rather than futilely trying to change Arians, compliment their striving for independence and make them believe you appreciate them for who they are.

Aries accepting compliments

You don’t like being in the highlight and prefer to avoid high-sounding words. When you get compliments, you most often ignore them by simply saying “Thank you, it was nothing.” It’s probably not the most rewarding practice but definitely the most unpretentious one.

Best compliments for Aries


Uplifting compliments for Taurus 

Taurus is notoriously persistent, and this means they won't stop until everything goes as they want. The key in a relationship with Taurus is patience. Let them know you're admiring their insurmountable will to stand their ground since it means they won't abandon you either. 

Taurus accepting compliments

When you receive a compliment, you take it as it is and most often don’t say a word in return. Nodding your head you make it clear that you’ve heard what was said. Sometimes it may seem rather impolite but your companion has to put up with the fact.

Best compliments for Taurus


Uplifting compliments for Gemini 

Every Gemini has a knack for changing places and dislikes being idle for too long, which is great news for the people who surround them since the latter can share their energetic lifestyle. Boredom is the least of your concerns in any kind relationship with Gemini, so let them know this as often as possible.

Gemini accepting compliments

Your reaction to a compliment may seem unexpected, for when you hear it, you start flirting with your interlocutor saying: "Look who's talking!" It would probably be better for you to be more reserved and accept the flattery in a calm manner.

Best compliments for Gemini


Uplifting compliments for Cancer

People born under the sign of Cancer are especially loyal and affectionate, and sometimes you may feel they are getting a bit over the top. But don't let irritation harm their feelings. Cancer is motivated only by the happiness of the ones they care about, and it's a nice idea to repay their selflessness with your own words and deeds.

Cancer accepting compliments

You’re a highly sensitive person and every compliment you receive almost makes you cry. When you hear any word of appreciation, you’re trying to pull yourself together and murmur something like “Tan cue!” Don’t be afraid of your emotions but don’t let them overwhelm you.

Best compliments for Cancer


Uplifting compliments for Leo

On the surface a Leo may appear extremely self-absorbed, but this totally changes when trust enters their life. Leos are famous for being dedicated friends, and they're ready to perform seemingly impossible feats for the people they care about. Reciprocity is a perfectly reasonable price to pay for what a Leo can give you.

Leo accepting compliments

A well-known king of the zodiac, when you get a compliment, you want it to be heard by everyone within a radius of ten miles from you! No matter if it’s the truth or pure flattery – you like it when everybody from your network knows how great you are!

Best compliments for Leo


Uplifting compliments for Virgo

Virgo values reason in all kinds of relationships as much as in other spheres, and this may be quite misleading for the people who want to be their friends. Virgos aren't cold or calculating, they're just doing their best to better understand the ones they care about. Virgo's judgment is their strongest trait, so try to compliment this aspect more often.

Virgo accepting compliments

Strangely enough, it’s hard for you to simply accept a compliment by saying “Thank you.”  Instead, you start praising the addresser in return telling the person how much you love and appreciate them. Be careful – sometimes people simply want to be nice!  

Best compliments for Virgo


Uplifting compliments for Libra

Libras are quite idealistic and are always striving for building a perfect connection. Rather than disillusioning them, make an attempt to bring your relationship a bit closer to the ideal of the Scales. Making small steps towards this goal will make both of you much happier.

Libra accepting compliments

When you hear warm words, it’s really difficult for you to forget them soon. Your gratitude knows no boundaries and you can keep the compliment in your memory for quite a while. The person who made your day by their phrase will be in good odor with you, too.

Best compliments for Libra


Uplifting compliments for Scorpio

Jealousy isn't a quality you'd want anyone to possess, but sometimes Scorpios give in to feeling it towards people they are connected with. Don't worry, though, since Scorpio compensates this with exceptional passion and devotion. Brush off Scorpio's worries and doubts with your own dedication to them.

Scorpio accepting compliments

It’s hard for you to believe another person’s words, especially if they seem too ingratiating. You take it for granted that he or she doesn’t mean what is said and it can make you very skeptical. You’re to learn to trust others and not to look for any undertone.

Best compliments for Scorpio


Uplifting compliments for Sagittarius

Sagittarius is full of unused energy, so you had better be nearby to catch the moment when they burst out with action. Trying to restrain Sagittarius and make them conform to some rigid rules isn't a good idea. On the contrary, giving praise to their freedom-loving spirit will only cement your relationship.

Sagittarius accepting compliments

Sagittarius representatives love compliments very much! They will appreciate it even if you compliment them on a new mouse pad or a dish towel! When taking compliments, Sagittarians usually blush and heap you with thousands of “thank you” words.

Best compliments for Sagittarius


Uplifting compliments for Capricorn

Making friends isn't an easy task for Capricorns given their desire to keep their independence. Sure, if you manage to win their trust, Capricorn will do anything in their power to make you happy. Reminding Capricorn how successful they are is always a good means to win their loyalty.

Capricorn accepting compliments

Capricorn people usually take compliments for granted. They know that they are cool, so you won’t drop a bombshell when complimenting them on their new hairdo or jacket! So, don’t wait for their appreciative reaction! At best, you can count on a simple thank you.

Best compliments for Capricorn


Uplifting compliments for Aquarius

Aquarius is a bottomless well of creativity and inventiveness, and there's no greater joy for them than to share their ideas with their close ones. Give them signs that you're always interested in their company: Aquarius is driven only by the desire to prevent their relationship from being stale.

Aquarius accepting compliments

You may not understand it at once if the compliment you receive is sincere or not and therefore sometimes seem a bit distrustful. But once you get the idea, your attitude to the person will change completely. You give them a broad smile and say “Thank you!” with all your heart.

Best compliments for Aquarius


Uplifting compliments for Pisces

Pisces is extremely sensitive to other people's opinions, so always remember this soft spot and make everything possible to create a supportive atmosphere in your relationship. Invest some efforts and time to learn about a Pisces' hobbies, and you won't find a more appreciative friend or partner.

Pisces accepting compliments

Sometimes you may be oblivious to the compliments people make to you as you tend to be overwhelmed by your thoughts and self-reflection. Hours may pass before you suddenly realize a compliment was made to you. In any case, you value being appreciated.  

Best compliments for Pisces
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