Fortune Digest: November Edition

By Tassie Zingaro Oct 25, 2023
From Western astrology to Feng Shui, Chinese signs, and even psychology – prepare to be entertained and discover so many insights!
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Greetings to the seekers of cosmic fortune! 

Get ready to shake off the November gloom, for we have brought you a few longreads to set the right mood for the month!

Let’s start with your Horoscope for November – all-embracing and detailed. Find out how the interplay of planets and stars will influence the events of your life this month.

Up next, your November Love horoscope! Whether you are single or in a relationship, November holds a big promise. Discover what to expect!

In November, the last of the colorful leaves are gone, but we still crave color in our lives. Here’s a Feng Shui Lucky Colors article that will help you add a couple of bright shades to your wardrobe or home decor – and make sure they also draw good fortune towards you!

Feeling a little discouraged lately? Well, it’s all because of the lack of sunshine. Or is it? Turns out, some signs intrinsically are less likely to spring into action than others. See the rating of indecisive signs and find out if you are one of those zodiacs.

Here’s another great piece of actionable advice – and one that won’t require a lot of time or effort from you! What if we tell you that you only need to change one thing to attract good fortune. Can you believe that? One small tweak in your attitude – and this can invite auspiciousness! See how you can adapt your behavior to become more fortunate.

how to attract good luck by zodiac

And, last but not least, a not-so-cosmic article on the eternally painful topic of relationships. What habits can make a person less likable, and how can they be fixed? Let’s find out – from this article!

We hope you’ll enjoy the longreads and horoscopes in our Fortune Digest – and find them helpful, too! 

Happy November!

Read your November Horoscope!
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