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What flowers, trees and herbs resonate with your sign’s energy?
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We always tend to surround ourselves with things we like best. This rule applies literally to anything from people to the tiniest detail like, say, flowers. But what if there are too many to choose from? 

What flower is perfect for your sign?

You are welcome to rely on astrology and find out what flowers and plants will resonate with your sign’s energy and produce a very positive effect on your life. 


Inborn dynamism and passion going strong in your nature, the best flower for you will be the one that requires minimum care. This is why we offer you to plant impatiens or zinnias. However, if you feel you are able to slow down and pay more attention to your garden or back yard, consider growing plants with distinctive fragrances (rosemary, garlic), pointy prickles (thistles, nettles), or something brightly colored, radiating energy ( geranium, holly bushes, maple trees).

Lucky plants for Aries


You favor slow, sensuous pleasures and luxury, so your flower of choice should be mind-blowingly fragrant, lush lilacs. Plant violets to invite love into your life, some patchouli to attract money, and a fruit-bearing tree to rejoice at the rich harvest it is going to yield each fall.  

Lucky plants for Taurus


You prefer intellectual values over material things, so fragrant lily-of-the-valley would be your perfect flower, as it helps to clear the mind and trigger imagination. Refreshing rosemary and lavender produce the same effect as well as a number of nut-bearing trees symbolizing brain power (like hazel, walnut, and pecan). Another type of Gemini-friendly plants is soothing herbs (aniseed, parsley and caraway), which are able to help the Twins deal with their restlessness. 

Lucky plants for Gemini


You prize security, both around you and the people you care about. Jasmine is your perfect choice due to its calming fragrance. Besides, Cancers have a thing for white flowers like lilies, honeysuckle, or hydrangeas. Avoid planting anything that has a very strong smell or taste. Chamomile would be a good option – it’s both soothing and pleasantly white in color.  

Lucky plants for Cancer


You need a flower that has a positive vibe aligning with your vitality. Sunflower is the perfect candidate for the role, as it literally emanates energy and warmth. Other orange and yellow blossoms (marigolds, nasturtium or even dandelions) will be an excellent fuel for your life’s fire. If you are considering a more substantial investment into your garden, plant citrus trees (laurel and bay trees if you are living in a colder climate) and healthful herbs and spices (saffron, catnip and ginger). 

Lucky plants for Leo


Your mind is working non-stop, making you think over and question a million things a day, so the best choice for you will be a flower that has calming and immunity-boosting properties. Verbena is a wonderful option, both healing and relaxing. Valerian, chicory and violets are very Virgo-friendly, too. All in all, you can choose any plant with small brightly colored blossoms and admire the million tiny details it has.  

Lucky plants for Virgo


Delicate, gentle daisies resonate with your romantic nature very well. Flowers associated with love - roses, black-eyed Susans, zinnias, etc. - are also well-suited for a graceful, refined person like you. Lindens, mulberry trees and maples, especially the Japanese variation, are ideal trees for Libras, as you will greatly enjoy the music they will be playing with their leaves on a windy day.

Lucky plants for Libra


A passionate sign like you needs a vivacious, bright flower to feast your eyes on. Soulman dahlia is dramatic enough to serve the purpose, but of course, there are other noteworthy options like Venus fly traps, Dutch tulips, or black barlow irises. Your inborn tenacity will resonate well with clinging vines and trailing plants. As for healthful herbs, basil is your champion, as it has been historically linked with your sign.

Lucky plants for Scorpio


Growth is a very important aspect of life for you, and magnolia blossoms make a splendid association – there is hardly anything more impressive in the world of flowers. Trees and plants that grow very tall - : birch trees, sycamores, bamboo, Indian grass - will create a very Sagittarian flow of energy in your garden. Sage is your sign’s perfect herb – it is linked to your extraordinary intellect. 

Lucky plants for Sagittarius


You are a very practical person; this is why it is hard to say if there is a flower that resonates with your sign’s energy. However, laurel is certainly your perfect plant, as it is strongly associated with victories and achievements. Capricorn is a sign of slow, yet stable growth and stature; you will feel great in a home surrounded by oaks or tall pines. Your sign’s herbs include comfrey and Solomon’s seal, which enhance bone strength.  

Lucky plants for Capricorn


You have both dreaminess and great ambition inexplicably combined in your nature, so starflower will be your sign’s perfect flower. Aquarians believe in the ‘less is more’ concept and at the same time love everything extraordinary, so one should not be surprised to see flowers like orchids and birds of paradise among beeches and maple trees in your garden. If you are interested in growing something of practical use, choose pepper and chili plants – they will sharpen your senses. 

Lucky plants for Aquarius


Pisces indulge in daydreaming, so spiritual, creative lotus or water lily will be a perfect flower for your sign. Delicate scents and soft lines resonate with your nature well enough, too, so it might be a good idea to surround your home with freesias and lilacs, as well as weeping willow trees, spongy moss and grassy paths.

Lucky plants for Pisces
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