Cosmic Wisdom: What Planet Rules Your Sign?

By Nataly Porter Sep 15, 2021
Find out which celestial body governs your life and what qualities it has given to your personality!
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Not everyone is aware of the fact that each zodiac sign has its “personal” planet, assigned to it by ancient astrologers. They took into consideration the qualities and energies of every sign and every planet and matched them respectively. Now that the last three planets have been included in the Solar System, the classification has undergone some changes. 

Find out what mysterious planet governs your sign!

Choose your sign and discover your cosmic assistant! 


Your planetary ruler is Mars. Despite the fact this planet is typically associated with war, its most remarkable quality is its unlimited energy. Aries, in its turn, is the sign that can boast of being probably the most energetic zodiac representative, which means Mars perfectly suits the sign.

Aries natives want to be fast in everything – in their romantic relationship, career, and other spheres of life. Mars is able to help you get rid of fatigue without making you prone to combative mood. Sometimes it may happen that you initiate a heated argument, but in most cases, this is the only drawback of the dynamic Martian nature.

Aries ruling planet


Your planetary ruler is Venus, and for you, it probably comes as no surprise. You’re naturally attracted to luxurious things, beautiful people, and romantic locations. Venus, the well-known protector of love and emotions, is here to help you bring more fantasy and adventures into your life.  

Despite the fact Taureans are practical they are at the same time romantic and even flirtatious; they’re always attentive to details in many things from their work to small talks. However, the most interesting thing about the representatives of this sign is that they want to understand what other people are attracted to. This is another typical Venus quality, as the planet is eager to know everything about the likes and dislikes of others.

Taurus Ruling Planet


Your planetary ruler is Mercury. This planet is responsible for communication, so it’s natural that Gemini reps are talkative, friendly, and sociable. They love not only to answer questions but ask them as well, which proves that the sign personifies communication skills attributed to Mercury in the best possible way.

Cooperative behavior, typical of Gemini people, help them move from one group to another one and establish new connections easily. Besides, it also reflects the organizational nature of Gemini natives giving them an opportunity to demonstrate the strongest sides of their character. 

Gemini Ruling Planet


Your planetary ruler is the Moon, notwithstanding the fact it’s not technically a planet. Moon is a celestial body that is the closest one to the Earth and this fact can’t but reflect the nature of stay-at-home Cancerians who love spending time with their close ones more than anything else.

Besides, the Moon rules your emotions and is the planet responsible for personal growth. Cancer people have hard shells yet soft underbellies and have to give much attention to their inner world as well. They’re sensitive and value personal care, and these qualities are inspired by the Moon, too.

Cancer Ruling Planet


Your planetary ruler is the Sun. Who would have any doubt? The Sun is the center and the brightest celestial body of the Solar System and reminds Leo in this respect – it’s the central figure of the astrological chart, too. Leo representatives are faithful, generous, and romantic and get all these qualities from their bright cosmic patron.

Leo people have bold and confident nature and never let others doubt their skills and virtues. They love to stay in the center of everybody’s attention and would like to shine as brightly as the Sun does. If you feel you’re losing your confidence just address your space partner and be charged with positive energy.

Leo Ruling Planet


Your planetary ruler is Mercury. Although your sign is ruled by the same planet as Gemini, in your case it has nothing to do with sociability and talkativeness. In Virgo, the energy of its planet is mostly expressed in its ability to perform multiple tasks at once. Thanks to Mercury, you have the urge to build the hierarchies that no one but you can understand.

Mercury is the messenger of the Solar System that is quick and communicative. It gives people born under the sign of Virgo enough power and stamina to perform their tasks easily, quickly, and with precision. Virgo natives are probably the most organized zodiac reps thanks to the positive influence of their planet, too.

Virgo Ruling Planet


Your planetary ruler is Venus, and you share this patron with Taurus. However, Libras are a bit more romantic and charming in their behavior than Taureans are and frequently resort to their charms to make their social life more harmonious. Full of diplomatic energy, Libra reps often resort of Venus – a planet that boosts it tremendously.

It’s no wonder that Libra people love it most when all things are in balance. However, it doesn’t mean they’re eager to sacrifice their comfort even if the award is impressive. What Libra natives really want is mutual love, as it helps them keep their personal scales even.

Libra Ruling Planet


Your planetary ruler is Pluto. It has been a full-fledged planet for 76 years but then was reclassified as a dwarf planet, which doesn’t prevent astronomers from including it into the list of celestial bodies of the zodiac. Besides, Scorpio natives are known as the most mysterious zodiac representatives and this remote planet reflects their nature better than any other does.

However, Pluto is not as gloomy and dark as it may seem, and Scorpio people aren’t either. Although the witchy vibes of the planet may influence them from time to time, still more Scorps are endowed with intuition than with mysterious and dangerous charms. Have you ever felt you can read between the lines when others can’t? Congratulations, then – you’ve found your secret skill.

Scorpio Ruling Planet


Your planetary ruler is Jupiter. The largest planet of our Solar System – this sounds impressive, no doubt! Sagittarius, in its turn, represents one of the biggest personalities of the zodiac and is the symbol of luck, wisdom, and personal growth. Despite the fact people of this sign can sometimes be impulsive, they’re always ready for fresh opportunities able to change their life for the better.

Sagittarians tend to dream big because the power of the biggest planet gives them too much energy. It can sometimes even lead to negative results giving rise to groundless dreams. However, Jupiter gives Sags amazing luck and helps them reach the results that would seem impossible to others.

Sagittarius Ruling Planet


Your planetary ruler is Saturn. The well-known patron of maturity and self-control can reflect your balanced nature in the best possible way, as these qualities are probably your most distinctive ones. Saturn radiates conservative energy sharing it with the sign it patronizes.  

Capricorns want to see their life as a structured pattern to never be caught off guard, and Saturn is the planet that can really help them reach their aim. Besides, Saturn boosts the industriousness of Capricorn reps providing the vital energy they need desperately. What a productive collaboration!

Capricorn Ruling Planet


Your planetary ruler is Uranus. Aquarians are known for their love for something new; their life is devoted to changing the world in the way they see it and inspiring others to do the same. Uranus is the planet able to support Aquarius natives in their purposeful desires as it promotes progress and civilization.

If you’re rebellious by nature it’s also Uranus you should thank for. Many Aquarius people are known for their independence and wish to be different from others, as defiant individualist Uranus encourages them to stand apart. Decide for yourself if you’re ready to follow its appeal!

Aquarius Ruling Planet


Your planetary ruler is Neptune. This planet is responsible for the dreaminess of the sign as it encourages you to spend more time with your head in the clouds than living real life. Neptune also gives you the qualities that make you different from representatives of other signs including imagination and sensibility.

On the other hand, Pisces people can work with vengeance putting their heart into what they’re doing. They expect a similar manner of behavior from others, which can sometimes lead to certain misunderstandings. Despite the fact they hardly ever demand anything, it’s still easy to disappoint them.

Pisces Ruling Planet
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