Compatibility in Business: Finding a Partner by Zodiac Sign

By Tassie Zingaro May 26, 2023
You want to feel at ease around your business partner, discussing various issues, devising plans, thinking of solutions, and even arguing. Astrology can help you with this — just take a look at your partner's zodiac sign!
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No man is an island. This proverb applies to many areas of life, and business is no exception. Making decisions, setting objectives, and determining the values of your business are examples of essential tasks that become way less daunting when performed with a partner. But finding the right partner for your business is a daunting task in itself. The criteria are endless: education, reliability, expertise, honesty, you name it. But when you find a candidate who ticks every box, you must test them against the final – and, probably, crucial – criterion: your compatibility.

Why is it important to know your business partner's zodiac sign?

While requesting and analyzing your potential partner's natal chart feels like too much, comparing your zodiac signs will already tell you a lot about how your relationship will develop in the context of running a business together. The characteristics that make every zodiac sign unique, including typical reactions to specific situations, their merits and flaws, can have a significant effect on the partnership. Astrology can help you predict whether this effect will be beneficial for your business or not based on the compatibility of your sun signs.

Let us consider a simple example: Leo is a famously self-certain sign with audacious goals and extensive plans in mind. However, when paired up with a Scorpio sign native, Leo may not be able to do themselves justice because their strong, bold personality will clash with Scorpio, who is no less strong, bold, and unwilling to compromise. However, other signs can complement Leo's confidence and ambition perfectly. The same is true for all the other signs: more compatible with some, less with others.

Business Partner Zodiac Compatibility for All Signs

 Let's discover who will be a perfect business match for every zodiac sign.


Quick-tempered Aries natives have a propensity towards entrepreneurship. They need their business partner to have the same level of enthusiasm for their work and lots of energy to pursue their goals. With this in mind, the best business partners for Aries can be the other fiery signs: Sagittarius and Leo. 

The best Taurus business partner is Virgo or Capricorn
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Down-to-earth Taurus is diligent, perseverent, and focused on the practical side of things. They can see eye to eye with a partner who shares the same approach to life and work. Earthly sign natives – Virgo and Capricorn – can be the perfect fit for a fruitful business partnership with the Bull. 


Famously flexible and adaptable, Gemini can excel in any job. They possess many versatile talents and can switch them in a blink of an eye. The Twins can find rapport with other signs of the same element – the air. So, the spot-on business partners for Gemini can be Aquarius and Libra.


With their sharp intuition and gentle nature, Cancer can succeed in many business spheres where care is the primary aspect. If they join forces with a similarly attuned water sign – Scorpio or Pisces – their partnership can flourish and be comfortable for everyone involved. 


Charismatic Leo has never lacked confidence or determination – the qualities that are often considered primary drivers of success in business. When this assured, goal-driven aspect is amplified by the presence of another fiery sign – Sagittarius or Aries – the partnership can prove to be fruitful and bring impressive business results. 

The best Leo business partner is Aries or Sagittarius
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With their sharp focus on minute details and a perfect ability to analyze and make conclusions, Virgo can reach great heights in developing and growing their business. Especially if a similarly set earth sign – Capricorn or Taurus – has their back along the way. This down-to-earth partnership can bring joy – and revenue. 


Libra has a knack for strategic thinking and advanced negotiation skills, thanks to their careful, diplomatic nature. A brash partner will not be a good match for them. Other air signs – Gemini and Aquarius – on the contrary, can pair up with charming Libra and create a sense of forethought and tact in their business partnership, which can come in handy during discussions and decision-making.


Scorpio's intensity is reminiscent of fire, but this is, in fact, a water sign, which means they are highly intuitive and cautious. Other signs belonging to the same element – Cancer and Pisces – can build a harmonious partnership with Scorpio and work together towards common business goals.


With their cheerful disposition and adventurous spirit, Sagittarius can be a perfect business owner. Always looking on the bright side of things, trying something new – and succeeding in it, connecting with people, they want a partner who can keep up with them. Similarly built, the other two fire signs – Leo and Aries – can tune in and form a blooming business partnership together.


Sky-high ambition and remarkable discipline – these inborn fortes can take Capricorn natives straight to business success. Especially if their effort is amplified by equally determined earth signs: Virgo or Taurus. Their partnership can be stable, thoughtful, and carefully planned.

The best Capricorn business partner is Taurus and Virgo
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Airy, ingenuous Aquarius is well-known for their free spirit and self-sufficiency. Regardless of this love of independence, the Water Bearer can find a great business partner in another air sign, like Gemini or Libra. The resonance in their approaches to life and work can help them share the responsibilities and still get on well with each other.


Sensitive, compassionate Pisces sign natives can build an auspicious partnership with similarly disposed water signs – Scorpio and Cancer. Another feature of this element group – their creativity – can help them think outside the box and come up with breakthrough solutions for the success of their business.

Interestingly, if you have already formed a partnership with an incompatible sign and are feeling some tension, you can fix this! Try wearing a gemstone associated with your partner's sign. For example, if your partner is a Cancer, you can choose a moonstone pendant. It can amplify the energy of your partner's sign and help you find common ground with ease.

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