6 Relationship Types: Assessing Your Compatibility with Your Partner

By Tassie Zingaro Jun 09, 2023
"Are we meant to be? Is this person destined to be THE ONE?" The answers lie in the astral realm AND within the depths of your own being. Discover the six variations of astrological connections and find out how well you and your (potential) partner align.
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Ah, the eternal quest for love and companionship, a labyrinthine journey that often leads us to seek guidance from the stars above.

Each of us craves different experiences and connections. Some revel in the thrill of challenges, while others seek ease and stability. Spontaneity may ignite the fire within some souls, while others find solace in predictability. It is crucial to listen to the whispers of your heart, the wisdom of your mind, and the stirrings of your gut before you settle.

Within the celestial realm, six primary relationship dynamics emerge, born from the sacred geometry of the zodiac wheel. And within you lies the compass that shall guide you to the truth you seek. Read on to discover these dynamics and see if they resonate with your heart's yearnings.

Same-Sign Couple

A relationship with a person born under the same sign is a journey of self-awareness. If you possess the wisdom to gaze upon your own flaws, this relationship shall flow like a serene river, nurturing growth and understanding. However, should your self-reflection be clouded, prepare for an awakening — for in the mirror of your partner's eyes, your imperfections may confront you with startling intensity, like a lightning bolt amidst a moonlit sky.

same sign couples will as if look into a mirror

But fear not, for within this storm lies the potential for profound transformation. A mighty oak gains strength through weathering tempests, and so can you. Embrace the challenge of facing your weaknesses, for it shall serve as a catalyst for your — and your partner's — personal evolution, shaping you into the magnificent beings the universe envisions.

Adjacent Signs

The union of two souls, one born next to the other's sign, is akin to the relationship between a teacher and a student. Like a sponge, the latter feels a profound thirst for knowledge and wisdom. And the teacher, in turn, holds this wisdom — and a mysterious understanding and inexplicable empathy for their eager pupil.

adjacent signs have a teacher-student dynamic

Your outlooks on life differ dramatically, but it is this contrast that draws you closer, like magnetic forces intertwining. Each of you possesses unique strengths; you are two puzzle pieces waiting to be joined. Your relationship can be a harmonious symphony of complementary attributes, a dance of balance and synergy.

Sign + the Next But One

A bond between individuals who are two signs apart can grow effortlessly, like wildflowers reaching for the sun. Yet amidst the camaraderie, a tempest of differences ensues, akin to a passionate tango that leads to sporadic bouts of conflict, separation, and reconciliation. This cycle repeats itself and tends to transpire with a swiftness that rivals the flutter of a hummingbird's wings. It is as if the cosmic script propels your relationship forward, urging you to whiz past disagreements and embrace the next chapter of your connection. 

being one sign apart can cause swift disagreements

However, beware, for any unresolved issues that linger possess a sneaky tendency to resurface, echoing like a haunting refrain in the years to come. Should you both cherish and tend to this friendship, it can anchor your relationship amidst the ebb and flow of life's tides and forge a connection that transcends mere passing moments. 

Three Signs Apart

This relationship is like a quivering string on a finely tuned instrument. You and your partner perceive the world through contrasting lenses — as if standing in a courtroom where each of you assumes the roles of judge and jury. In this dynamic, you both are convinced that your approach is right while viewing the other's as flawed. It is within this neverending standoff that tension finds its dwelling place.

partners who are three signs apart are diametrically opposite

But fret not, for tension can often promote growth and self-awareness. Relationships need not always be smooth and effortless. Like a meandering path through a dense forest, they can present challenges and obstacles that demand your attention and introspection. The tension between you will eventually cultivate a deeper understanding, both of yourself and the intricacies of a soul distinct from your own, and foster a profound connection that transcends the boundaries of your divergent perspectives.

Four Signs Apart

Like two rivers converging, your union is blessed with an inherent empathy that flows without hindrance. Your thoughts align, your hearts beat in sync, and you navigate the tapestry of life with a shared perspective.

couples that are four signs apart live in harmony

This divine coupling is a fertile ground for growth and understanding. Should misunderstandings arise, fear not, for within the depths of this bond lies the power to dissolve them with ease. Like gentle waves smoothing the rough edges of stones upon the shore, your empathy and shared mindset act as catalysts for clarity and mutual comprehension.

Five Signs Apart

In the realm of love, where emotions intertwine like intricate melodies, physical intimacy holds a potential key. The passionate embrace between your signs has the power to bridge the gaps when words fall short. There is an undercurrent of service, a desire to cater to one another's needs that permeates this relationship's foundation.

individuals born five signs apart tend to cater to each other's needs devoutly

In the act of selflessly serving your partner, resentment can sometimes cast its shadow upon the delicate threads of your connection. It is a choice you must make to navigate these complexities and find a path that leads to understanding and harmony. But be wary, for should loyalty falter, the foundation of your bond may crumble as a delicate sandcastle succumbs to the relentless tide. Hold loyalty close to your heart and let it be the beacon that guides you forward.

Six Signs Apart

A man and a woman who are six signs apart will find it hard to resist the potent magnetism drawing them together. It is as if the stars have conspired to ignite a spark, a primal attraction that defies logic and reason. But for a man+man or woman+woman connection, a different shade of emotions unfolds. Envy simmers beneath the surface like a dormant volcano yearning to erupt. You find yourself captivated by what the other possesses, recognizing the qualities you perceive as lacking within yourself. As you strive to replicate the traits of your counterpart, a profound self-reflection occurs. It forces you to confront your own identity, examining your vulnerabilities and strengths alike.

the dynamic of a relationship between people who are six signs apart depends on their genders

Yet in this process of self-discovery lies the greatest gift this relationship bestows. Embracing the truth of who you are empowers you to shed the mask that society may have imposed upon you, revealing the beauty of your unique essence, unencumbered by societal expectations.

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