5 Techniques for DIY Future Predictions

By Tassie Zingaro Dec 01, 2023
Discover the tricks that will help you get a sneak peek at the things that are yet to come!
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They say tomorrow is a mystery. Well, it's only valid up to a point. Turns out, almost anyone can master the art of forecasting the future — and you can do it as well! Don't be mystified; read on — and you will discover five tricks that will help you lift the curtain of tomorrow just enough to have a sneak peek at what is about to come.

1. Look at the Numbers

Long gone are the days when the meanings of numbers were sacred knowledge available to a few men of wisdom. Today, you can easily find a numerology calculator online and get a personal prediction based on your date of birth. Simply type it into the calculator, and it will reveal essential insights about how the events of your life will unfold (the first digit) and tell you what your true purpose is (the second digit). 

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Of course, this will only be the tip of the numeric iceberg. If you want to get the message in full measure, rely on a professional numerologist to do the reading for you. They can look at the digits that play a specific role in your life and interpret their meaning with a high degree of accuracy. Find a numerologist you can rely on here. They can help you see the future — and maybe even change it for the better.

2. Meditate with Crystals

This relaxing activity can help you tune your mind to the wavelength of the universe and discover new opportunities to pursue in the future. And it's not hard to do: you only need a handful of crystals. Rose quartz, amethyst, agate — any gemstone that appeals to you will suit perfectly. Arrange them in a geometric pattern on the table and gaze into the shape. This calm focus can even allow you to see a completely different perspective of the situation — especially if you concentrate on a specific area of your life, e.g., work. Gazing into the crystal pattern, you can suddenly see where your career path is taking you, whether you should take a particular turn or leave this path altogether. And if you make a habit of meditating and focusing on different areas, you can get a wealth of insights. 

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You can also request the help of a professional who can gaze into a different kind of crystal — a crystal ball — while you're focusing on your future and give you the predictions you are looking for. Consider all those talented clairvoyants here!

3. Spread the Cards

Spreading the cards is one of the most effective methods of predicting the future because the message you receive wholly depends on your situation, mindset, and intentions. It's almost impossible to explain, but the Tarot always knows what will happen and what steps you can take to handle the developments — or avoid them altogether if it is something you'd rather not have in the path ahead. And the best thing is that you can read the cards on your own. 

Start with a simple one-card reading: shuffle the deck, then pull one card out and turn it over. Then, based on the image you get and the position you get it in, your message will be revealed. Take a close look at the card and try to interpret the imagery on your own — or look it up online — and see how it can be applied to the question you are asking. If you are still unsure that you can read the card properly, since you have no experience, feel free to take a look at these fantastic divination professionals! You can find someone who has mastered the art of Tarot reading and give you a remarkable prediction.

4. Observe the Lines on Your Palms

Another beautiful technique for reading the future is palmistry. Yes, it's rather complicated, but you can make baby steps and gradually get the hang of the nuances — by looking them up online, of course. Thankfully, the Internet knows it all! 

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Start by giving your hands a proper once over: what do they look like? What shape do they have? Do you have piano fingers or shorter, stubbier ones? Depending on what you see, you can already get insights into your well-being moving forward.

After you observe the hands, take a closer look at your palms: for example, how long is the heart line that divides them vertically in half? Its length is linked to your mental health. Look up images of palms or separate lines to decipher the message about your future that your body is hiding. You can also consider asking an expert for help — here's a selection of the finest!

5. Look at Cycles and Sequences 

Times keep changing, but trends stay cyclic — and it's not about fashion only. Everything repeats itself: your daily routine, work schedule, seasons, Chinese zodiac years, etc. If you learn to recognize cycles in various aspects of life, from work to hobbies, you will begin to understand the repetitive patterns and make forecasts. They can be relatively accurate, especially in the short term. 

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You can also view the future as a sequence of events, for many aspects of life are moving forward consistently. Technological innovations, such as transportation and communication devices, tend to evolve forward, and so does, for example, personal finance. While there may be cycles, the overall trajectory is often sequential, and recognizing the consistency in life can help you master the art of predicting the future. 

However, your predictions become less reliable as time extends or if new variables are added to the equation. Clairvoyants and divination experts can help you avoid these complexities, for they have unique gifts that remain unaffected by external factors. 

Figuring out what might happen in the future helps us understand ourselves better and get ready for what's coming. Take a look at where you are now and chat with a psychic for some guidance. And remember: you can always look for cycles and sequences or use numbers to see where your life is heading, do some meditation to clear your mind, or try simple methods like card or palm readings — they're known for being good ways to predict what's ahead in a straightforward manner. 

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