4 Zodiac Elements: Which One Do You Belong To?

By Nataly Porter Sep 17, 2021
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All the twelve zodiac signs that we know belong to the four main elements that people on Earth can’t live without: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Zodiac signs that fall into each of the groups have a lot in common, so knowing your ruling element helps you understand your nature better. 

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You belong to the first Fire sign, which presupposes that your fiercest qualities are always brought to the limelight. Your sign represents fire in its brightest form, and typical Aries natives are usually adventurous, highly active and display interest in a variety of different things.

The vehement behavior that Aries representatives can display is easily explained by their fire personality. They’re always full of enthusiasm and can act like small kids from time to time– but no one can blame people of this sign for such a childish attitude to life, as it’s a part of their nature.

Aries Element


Taurus is the first Earth sign, which means it’s the strongest and the most reliable representative of the astrological chart. People born under the sign are known to be extremely stubborn and conservative; it’s hard for them to accept changes, even if these changes lead to positive consequences.

Taureans crave happiness and harmony in their everyday lives, and they prefer to create this atmosphere by themselves. It’s hard for them to let people or things go, they like to hold them tight as it gives them the sense of confidence. Besides, Taurus natives are dependable and smart; they willingly take care of others.

Taurus Element


Have you ever noticed that Gemini reps are fickle and light-minded? No wonder! Belonging to the first Air sign, these guys are probably among the most fly-away people one can ever meet. They’re eager to explore other regions, and even if you make them slow down a bit, this calm period won’t last for long. 

One of the worst Gemini traits is indecisiveness, caused by the dual nature of the sign. Gemini people seldom feel complete because of it, and are in constant search of a person who will complete them. Besides, Gemini reps are highly communicative and remind of the wind in this respect – just as the wind that flows along the land, they keep looking for their soulmates.

Gemini Element


Cancerians are people born under the first Water sign of the Zodiac, and, therefore, are the brightest representatives of this liquid element. Cancer natives are genuine and nurturing, they are always ready to come to the rescue of others and are concerned with the problems their close people may have.

However, like a river that breaks its banks, Cancer people can get very aggressive when they feel they have to protect themselves or members of their families. It doesn’t happen too often, but the exception only proves the basic rule! Be careful with Cancer representatives, as they’re not so all-forgiving as they may seem.

Cancer Element


Leo is the middle Fire sign, and it can’t but tell on its personality. Like the Sun, Leo’s astrological symbol, people born under the sign love to stay in the center and capture the eye of others. These people always feel great when looked at, they’re stable and enjoy keeping others under control, too.

Leo natives are steady and reliable, they want to be noticed by everyone and can’t stand staying in the background. There are many actors, singers and other performers who belong to the sign, because it’s natural for such people to be in the spotlight. 

Leo Element


Virgo is the middle Earth sign, which means it’s not on the Earth’s surface and not too deep either. Virgo reps often stuck in the middle and can consequently be rather slow and indecisive. They use their earthbound mind to create their own world and are happy to live in it. 

Virgo natives are flexible and stable people who think with analytical precision. They’re seldom interested in sports, so you’ll hardly find many famous athletes among Virgo people. They simply don’t need it – they’re satisfied with their mental and spiritual achievements more.

Virgo Element


Libra is an Air sign, but this air doesn’t blow like wind – it circulates slowly helping us breathe. Libra people are the most harmonious, lively and balanced astrological representatives, they’re never at war with anyone preferring to preserve peace and tranquility. 

All the relationships that Libra natives start are to be balanced and mutual. They give air to their partners and get life from them in return. This is a very important part of Libra’s life, that’s why Libra representatives are usually so happy in their romantic and family affairs.

Libra Element


Scorpio is the second Water sign that represents the potential of water. If water isn’t contained properly, it can cause a serious breakdown, just like people born under the sign can. Scorpio reps are full of poorly controlled energy, and their intensity is close to that of a stormy river. 

Scorpio natives sometimes need control as they lack it and have to stay under self-control, just like a raging river should have a hydroelectric dam on it. This control dam will give light to the cities and will save farms from floods. Otherwise, the enormous energy that Scorpios possess will be ineffective or even destructive.

Scorpio Element


The last of the Fire zodiac signs, Sagittarius is closer to the deepest section of fire, its most philosophical part that is frequently out of reach. People of the sign are creative and romantic, that’s why they often pursue higher ideals and search for philosophical truths.

Among all the Fire signs, Sagittarians are the gentlest ones. This is symbolic, as they represent the fire that is slowly going out. They are prone to reflections and like to think about and talk about the things that occupy their mind. Fortunately, their creativity often helps them turn their craziest ideas into life.

Sagittarius Element


Capricorn is the sign of the lower Earth, the earth in its most basic form. Similarly to the pure earth, it’s many-sided and takes interest in many things from material ones to becoming, for example, a powerful persona. It’s no wonder, consequently, that Capricorn natives are frequently mysterious and profound personalities.

These people can even seem dark to some, but not in the bad sense of this word. Dark for Capricorns means a bit depressed, as the main problem that the representatives of this sign face is their involvement in work and other serious spheres of life. They find it hard to get pleasure from simple everyday things and sometimes suffer because of their conservatism.

Capricorn Element


Aquarius is the last of Air elements, and the highest one. It represents the strongest force that helps the world go around. Aquarius is the sign of something new, unexpected changes and original decisions. People born under the sign constantly look for understanding and are eager to get rid of all the barriers that enchain them

Aquarians wish to unite everyone and everything, but at the same time stay erratic and unpredictable. Besides, they’re the well-known thinkers of the zodiac – they’d be glad to help civilization move forward ensuring the happy future for all mankind.

Aquarius Element


The final sign of the zodiac chart and the last one belonging to the Water element, Pisces sign is represented by a small creek. It’s changeable and unstable: it can move in one direction in a normal state and then, affected by heavy rain, can accidentally flow in a totally different one.

Pisces people are just as flexible and adaptable as this small creek is. They’re inspirational and charming, mystical and spiritual, and, above all, genuinely romantic. You’ll feel totally comfortable if a Pisces person is close to you, as no one can be more pacifying than people born under this sign.

Pisces Element
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