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Dare to pursue the goals you set to yourself in the previous years! 2016 is an auspicious year for achieving your ambitions; it will give you as much time as you need to analyze your plans, adjust them and take calculated steps on your way to success. Moreover, you will have all the support you lacked in the past few years. A favorable atmosphere of optimism and understanding will ensure you take every opportunity you come across this year. Have a realistic view of your perspectives, but try to look for details you failed to notice before. This year you will need to focus on professional cooperation and financial aspects of your life. Take no impulsive actions in your love life as well and try to produce a sincerely favorable impression on people around you.


Superiors will favor you, so do you best to show how creative, efficient and reliable you are to bring in stability in your professional life. You can prove you are a good team leader not only to the