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Get ready, Aquarius. This year you will be faced with the constant balancing act of routine vs. the unforeseen surprise challenge. Though you are always up for a challenge and will gladly rise to any occasion, you cherish the routine as well and hate to have it threatened throughout the year. This also means will have to juggle more than usual in both your work life and relationships with those around you. But the good news is, you'll do it with your usual grace, as long as you stay positive and don't become overwhelmed. Find comfort in your friends and especially your romantic loved ones. They relish the opportunity to take care of you, even though you may not always be asking for it. By the end of 2016, you jay may feel like a totally new person.


Be careful this year that your clear ambitions do not send the wrong message to colleagues and coworkers. Let it be known that just because you want things in your career, it does not mean you're goin