Cancer Horoscope

Find out what foods and beverages suit every sign best!

Cancerians are known for their love of tradition, that’s why when choosing the perfect drink they give preference to something tried-and-true like good whiskey. A bottle of Jack Daniels is sure to please your Cancer friend! As to your perfect foods, your ruling sign and the fact it’s a Water element predetermine the choice – you can’t but love seafood, especially crab.

Choosing between a soup and a hearty stew you’ll definitely opt for the latter. Turn your dishes into irresistible delicacies adding grapes, coconuts, lemons, and papayas to them. Your ideal veggies include cabbage, cucumbers, potatoes, and turnips. Add more flavor to your food with the help of anise, chili pepper, coriander, cloves, and sage.

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