Gemini Horoscope

Pick your time of birth and find out which animal is your soul mate.

Deer is the most inspiring of all the signs of the Native American zodiac. His/her wit is incredibly quick, his/her jokes are hilarious, though sometimes bitter, but never amiss. A Deer’s social skills are outstanding; he/she can engage in any conversation imaginable and inborn intelligence always helps the Deer be an effective part of it.

The Deer knows exactly what impression he/she produces on others and can at times be a little narcissistic due to this fact. However, this self-admiration is forgivable, for the Deer is mostly congenial, lively and lovely. When raised in a positive environment, Deer become radiant personalities, affable and inspiring. But when cast adrift, they can turn moody, idle, irritable, or even double-faced.

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