Scorpio Horoscope

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Dates may need to be rescheduled on Monday or Tuesday and when you show how flexible you can be, you score big points with the right person. Suggest a few ways to offer rain checks. Play it safe midweek, because your emotional energy just isn't up to a big challenge. Play hard to get if you feel like it, but don't make any other kinds of plays yet. You've got good energy to spare this weekend and will be even more driven to indulge in a little extra romance.


When you're dealing with company money, all of the rules change. Keep in mind as you're making a decision on Monday or Tuesday that you'll have to speak for your actions at some point, and having a hunch for something now isn't going to sound very business-savvy later. So leave your hunches in the elevator. Wednesday and Thursday your intuitive powers serve you well, but mostly in the interpersonal realm. Try not to control a situation; if you let go, everyone will be happier. That said, there's nothing that will make the boss happy on Friday. Do your best and don't call much attention to yourself.

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