Leo Horoscope

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Things aren't simple on Monday and Tuesday, with situations that make it hard to tell what's really going on. You'd love a roadmap or even just some straightforward instructions, but that will come later. Use your head to figure out where you really stand midweek -- you'll surprise yourself with the insights that you can come up with based on what you can see in front of you. The weekend is not a good time for emotional risks unless you're absolutely sure you'll prevail.


What you need at work is an excuse to see something in a whole new way. Maybe drawing a funny picture on the conference room whiteboard will jog everyone's imaginations. Maybe you should choreograph an interpretive dance. Whatever you do, make it unexpected, and expect your colleagues to respond in unexpected ways. Wednesday and Thursday you're more conservative in your manner, but you're still glowing from inside with ideas. By Friday, you're practically a source of natural light. People are shielding their eyes from your glare. You're a veritable lighthouse this weekend, too.

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