Aquarius Horoscope

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You are dealing with a little extra weirdness from the world early this week, but that's no reason you can't get your romantic fix too. If the object of your affections is the source of the freakout, you may want to let them spin for a day or two. Things really start to pick up on Wednesday and every moment should sizzle as long as you're near the right person. That good energy will keep you going for a few days, but the weekend may pose a few problems. Once you deal with them, you can move on to the fun stuff again.


Monday and Tuesday are utterly unique -- hard to describe and wonderful. There's a charge in the office not unlike the feeling of falling in love. (It could be that an actual romantic situation is afoot -- in which case you won't be able to keep your mind on work.) The sinking feeling that hits you as you come into the office on Wednesday is just the sensation of everything returning to normal. That said, Thursday is strangely emotional. Stop thinking so much and bury yourself in your work. A stunning discovery -- like the discovery of a band of diamonds in a forgotten mine -- awaits you on Friday.

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