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You could not be more attractive early this week, so put on your brightest smile and show yourself off! It's a great time to get pretty much anyone to take notice. You may want to slow down on Wednesday and rethink your approach to romance, though you won't have to make any revolutionary changes unless you're itching for something big to happen. The weekend is perfect for taking action, whether it's making a move or just keeping busy with someone special.


Take the time on Monday and Tuesday -- when you don't really feel like doing the water-cooler song and dance anyway -- to sit at your desk and pore over numbers (boring numbers, such as budgets and timelines). There's a certain pleasure in walling yourself off and disappearing into your own world. Then, on Wednesday, you can come out from the shadows (having done a bunch of work that no one else wanted to do), rub your eyes and delight everyone with your offhanded charm. Fun and friendship figure strongly at the end of your workweek. Plus, you might be the lucky recipient of a new computer.

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